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Filadelfia Paraguay

by WCC on June 10, 2012

in South America

Filadelfia is the capital of the northwestern departments of Boqueron in Paraguay. The name comes from Philadelphia = brotherly love. The city is also the center of remote home, one of the largest Mennonite settlements in Paraguay, and is located in the Gran Chaco , a savanna landscape that occupies the entire western Paraguay and south to Argentina and north to Bolivia goes away. The population is 7062 (as of 28 August 2002) , of which about 2,500 German Mennonites and Mennonite Russia, whose native language Plautdietsch is. The majority of the population but is made ​​of Indian tribal groups.

filadelfia Filadelfia Paraguay


Filadelfia was built in 1930 and was founded in Chaco near the front, but was hardly involved in the fighting. During the Second World War there were conflicts, since part of the ethnic German settlers dreamed of a return to Germany and therefore the home to the empire ‘s policy of Nazi supports. Philadelfia 1955 was renamed in Filadelfia, Paraguay to the Spanish-speaking residents pronounce the name correctly. In 1961 the Highway Transchaco Filadelfia, 1989, the total distance of 450 km from Asunción paved. 2005 celebrated its 75th anniversary in Filadelfia.

filadelfia city Filadelfia Paraguay

filadelfia city

filadelfia paraguay Filadelfia Paraguay

filadelfia paraguay

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