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Falkland Islands

by WCC on February 6, 2012

in South America

The Falkland Islands are an archipelago of two main islands and about 200 islands in the South Atlantic. You are a British overseas territory, located at about 50 degrees south latitude, off the east coast of South America . The islands are from Argentina and claimed in Spanish Islas Malvinas called.

falkland islands Falkland Islands

Life on the Falklands can be between living in Stanley or the difference in the life “camp”. The two main islands are East Falkland and West Falkland. In addition, there are numerous other smaller islands.

The term “city” can only be for the capital Stanley use, which houses about 2,000 people, about four-fifths of the entire island population. As “villages”, you can normally only call a few places, Port Howard, 120, Goose Green / Darwin together with 70 and Fox Bay East / West with 50 and 4 more with a little more than 35 residents .
The remaining approximately 120 residents living on the islands habitable-divided into “camp-settlements”, (like us to “homestead” or “Hamlet”). The sheep shearing time is here is an exception, then the settlers meet in larger groups, larger even in the villages.

falkland islands landscape Falkland Islands

Although the Falklands are a British overseas territory, they do not belong to the European Union. As the Islas Malvinas by Argentina claimed it in 1982 were the scene of a war between two countries, the 907 people lost their lives.
Although they were discovered in 1592 by an English navigator, the first landfall was only 100 years later, in 1690. The first settlement was established not by the British, but by the French.
Two years later the islands were ceded to Spain. Since then, the islands were frequently the subject of territorial dispute, first between Britain and Spain, then after 1816 between England and Argentina (in the succession as a former Spanish colony). Since the islands were almost exclusively British immigrants, the United Kingdom claimed in 1833 by establishing a naval base his claim in 1837, the Falkland Islands British colony.
On 2 April 1982 Argentina occupied the islands. A month later, the British responded with a military response, the surrender to the Argentines on 14 June 1982 led.

falkland islands tourism Falkland Islands

The economy of the Falklands was formerly based on agriculture (mainly sheep), today the main industry is fishing. In particular, the licensing of foreign fishing companies operating in the fish-rich waters around the Falkland Islands. With 75% share of total income form the largest proportion of squid in this branch. The licensing of the archipelago annually brings $ 40 million. Agricultural activities are limited to self-sufficiency, only high-quality wool is exported. In studies in the oil fields were discovered 200 miles around the islands. The promotion of these deposits has not yet begun. Another important pillar wirschaftliches is the presence of the British military, the 1,700 soldiers are stationed on the islands.
The tourism is promoted and is growing rapidly – in 2001 there were over 30,000 visitors – mainly from cruise ships. The majority of visitors are from the United Kingdom, but there are also attempts to make the nature and adventure tourism. The peak season is from November to March, the fishing for sea trout is better out of season.
Travelers visit the islands mostly because of its scenic beauty and unspoiled islands and their flora and fauna. The wildlife consists mainly of birds and marine animals. These include five species of penguins, four kinds of seals, albatrosses, the Versicolorente, vultures and falcons of the Falkland pipit, which only here and on some islands around the Cape Horn is to be found. Porpoises and dolphins can often observe whales are seen occasionally.

falkland islands map Falkland Islands

“The Neck” on Saunders Iceland
The landscape is rocky and hilly, there are also some marshes. Peat is found all over the island and poses a high risk potential for smoldering fires, which may persist for months. The highly indented coastline provides many natural harbors. The highest elevation of the islands is the 705-meter-high Mount Usbourne .

In Stanley, there are many bed and breakfasts , but also a handful of hotels. The buildings are often older and the warm hospitality seems to come from the distant past. Outside of the Stanley accommodation options range from a simple farm house to houses that have been specially built for tourism. Many of accommodation require Selbstversorung. In the country it is imperative to book in advance. In Stanley, it is possible to find without prior reservation for an accommodation, reservations are recommended here.

falkland islands penguins Falkland Islands

Crimes are on the islands is relatively unknown, although one should also observe basic safety precautions. Personal matters should not be left unattended, you should also not late at night to be alone on the road. In case of problems, the police is definitely helpful.
Landmines and unexploded ordnance from the conflict of 1982 are still available. However, it is highly unlikely that one will find a stranger. If this is the case, however, should not affect the land mine and of course the administration will be informed. It should also be reassuring that no civilians killed since the war by a land mine or injured.
Many animals can be dangerous if they blocked the escape route is, or they have young. Elephant seals and sea lions are the most dangerous – keep a safe distance when you see these animals. A general rule is that you’re too close, if you notice an animal.

falkland islands stanley Falkland Islands

Cable & Wireless sells phone cards that can be used anywhere. International calls cost £ 0.90 per minute. In Port Stanley, there are high-speed Internet access, outside there are slower dial-up connections. In various hotels and the tourist center, there are computers on which Internet map of Cable & Wireless can be used. Both the telephone and the Internet maps in the office of Cable & Wireless in Stanley can be purchased (on the hill behind the War Memorial). In larger accommodations are also phone cards, internet cards may also sells.
The Post is pretty reliable on the islands. Letters can be sent easily to Stanley and most other settlements. The main post office is located in the center of Stanley, to the FIC West.

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