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Everland, South Korea

by WCC on February 29, 2012

in Asia

The Everland Resort is a South Korean amusement park that was last visited by some 6.9 million people annually. In addition to the theme park, Everland also features a water park called Caribbean Bay , and a zoo.

everland Everland, South Korea


The park is divided into a total of 5 subjects. The Global Fair are, similar to Disney’s Main Street , several shops and restaurants. Regarding the topic European Adventure attractions and shops are decorated in European style. In addition, there are still areas of the American Adventure and Magic Land . In the area of Zoo-Topia are the animals of the park.

Mention should also be the 33-meter boat rocking Columbus Adventures , in the subject area American Adventure is to be found, and the rapids ride Amazon Express ( Zoo-Topia ).

everland theme park 550x365 Everland, South Korea

everland theme park

everland south korea 550x366 Everland, South Korea

everland south korea

everland map Everland, South Korea

everland map

everland entrance 550x412 Everland, South Korea

everland entrance

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