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Estepona, Spain

by WCC on June 13, 2012

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Estepona is a town Spanish in Malaga province in the autonomous community of Andalusia . Located in the southwest of the province and integrated into the region of the Costa del Sol, in the eponymous joint board and in the judicial district that bears his name.

estepona Estepona, Spain


Your municipality has an area of 137 square kilometers that stretch along 23 km of coastline and into the interior covering a fertile valley crossed by small streams and a mountainous area dominated by the Sierra Bermeja, which Alanza the 1,449 m in the peak of Los Reales. The municipality’s population exceeds the 65,000 registered inhabitants and is characterized by its composition multicultural.

Estepona is a popular tourist destination, especially during the summer, due to its Mediterranean climate and its beaches. Along with tourism, construction has been an important pillar for the local economy. It also has a small fishing and farming.

The origin of Estepona is discussed. Some hypotheses based on the existence of a major Iberian city with a natural harbor, suggest the oppidum Iberian of Salduba as the settlement of ancient times closer to the current Estepona. As early Muslim period is known the existence of a fortress called al-Extebunna, appearing for the first time a name that gives the city its name.

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estepona wallpaper

estepona spain Estepona, Spain

estepona spain

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estepona harbour

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estepona beach

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