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Equatorial Guinea Tourism

by WCC on January 15, 2012

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Equatorial Guinea Tourism – Equatorial Guinea is a country of Central Africa. Equatorial Guinea regions are Bioko (formerly Fernando Po), Río Muni (continental Guinea old), Corisco Island, and Annobon Islands. In actuality there are very few Spanish for those who lived in colonial times, despite the vast majority of them born in this territory local white and are in Spain.

corisco island Equatorial Guinea Tourism

corisco island

Equatorial Guinea because of its political fragility is not a holiday destination, fun and relaxation and, unfortunately, despite its natural resources, beautiful beaches absolutely empty, pure nature in the wild, but there is no infrastructure that can provide services and the hospitality industry not focused on tourism, which is nonexistent.
Never spoke of either privacy policy if you know people, it can lead to endless problems starting with their personal freedom and life, the authorities are very reluctant to a British national after the latest developments reflecting the involvement of the son of Margaret Thatcher in murky issues against the government of Teodoro Obiang Nguema.

Culture and Festival
Equatorial Guinea’s culture is a culture and ancient tribal rituals within the diversity of its different etinias (Ndowe, boobies Annobonese, Bisi, fangs). The Festival in Equatorial Guinea are:
- January 1 – New Year
- August 15 – Constitution Day
- 12 October – Independence Day
- December 10 – Human Rights Day
- December 25 – Christmas

The climate is tropical due to its proximity to Ecuador, with a nearly constant temperature, humidity and abundant enough rain in the summer months, and quite hot, dry and mild winters.

malabo city Equatorial Guinea Tourism

malabo city

Getting to Equatorial Guinea
There are flights on regular lines from Madrid to Malabo (formerly Santa Isabel) with Iberia and Euroguineana from Frankfurt to Lufhtansa and from Paris with Air France , and flights to Gabon , Cameroon , Ghana , Mafril Coast , Kenya , Nigeria , Benin and Atlanta USA , it’s incredible but true because the refinery is an American company in Punta Europa near Malabo, an old farm, which operated the cocoa Fernando Po times was still a Spanish province, and some companies in different platforms the high seas.

You can not enter without a visa for Equatorial Guinea Equatorial Guinea’s embassy in Madrid, London, Paris or Frankdurt, upon request by a letter of call from Equatorial Guinea issued by the Ministry of Security. Along with the passport will have to have immunization records and released by Foreign Health, and clarify who will visit Equatorial Guinea. The yellow fever vaccine is valid for 10 years and tetanus the need to do every so often to have efficacy.

No liner to Equatorial Guinea, the last line has been known regular Trasmediterránea leaving its services run once Spain recognized the independence of its former province of Spanish Guinea. There is evidence that merchant ships of Europe Punta abastencen Bioko (Fernando Po) tranport goods and food from Spain via the Canary Islands.

corisco island fish Equatorial Guinea Tourism

corisco island fish

corisco island beach Equatorial Guinea Tourism

corisco island beach

Drink and Accomodation
Malabo and Bata both have experienced an increase in their populations in recent years due to the “boom” oil and rural exodus from the villages of the mainland of the country, an increase in leisure activities to accommodate both foreign work for the hundreds of companies like the natives. Malabo having as axis of the “night Guinea”, we enjoy our drinks in the streets of this city in its many bars and nightclubs include Bay-Sound , Bay Club , Sport , Select , La Femme Africaine and La Salsa , Drink-Cool and Arrayit in the city of Bata. Due to the military presence is clean of criminals and night raids, which will allow us to walk calmly walking on the sidewalks of the cities back to our bed.

Limited hotel rooms and high prices. If your budget is limited, we can always count on the hospitality of the local residents either foreign or residential use and poor quality hostels. Malabo Hotel, Sofitel, Bahia, Tropicana Hotel Hilton Hotel, Residence Hotel, Paradise Inn Caribbean, Ekong, Nsue, Bata Hotel, Hotel Carmen Gabriel Ekuku, etc.

equitorial guinea food Equatorial Guinea Tourism

equitorial guinea food

Learning and Work
There are two entities UNGE university (University of Equatorial Guinea) and UNED, both have centers in Malabo and Bata. Cultural centers, both the French and the Spanish Cooperation, training courses teach the vernacular of the country and Spanish and French. At school level, the Salesians have two centers, one in Malabo and another in Bata, the capital of the Spanish College is regarded as supported by the Spanish Cooperation and Liceo Frances exists in the district of Malabo Conch.

The immigration system is identical to Spanish Equatorial Guinea, that is a work and residence permit to work in the country, but very functional and fairly rudimentary. You will need to be engaged in their country of origin if they wish to work in Equatorial Guinea in the Europa Point refinery, or on oil rigs at sea (offshore). The salaries are quite high, tax-free for Americans, EU nationals have to demonstrate that they are resident outside the EU.

Working at the refinery or oil plants is relatively light despite having relatively long working hours, local people are hired by local employment offices based to a certain amount of money to get a job, they are usually fairly well paid in relation to the level of normal life and roam over 500 € / month compared to 200 € per month you can win a place in Malabo or the rest of the country.

malabo old church Equatorial Guinea Tourism

malabo old church

equitorial guinea Equatorial Guinea Tourism

equitorial guinea

annobon island Equatorial Guinea Tourism

annobon island

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