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Emas National Park in Brazil

by WCC on May 24, 2012

in South America

The Emas National Park is a nature reserve in the central highland savanna (cerrado) of Brazil in the state of Goiás . It was established in 1961 and 2001 together with the Chapada dos Veadeiros the World Heritage of UNESCO said. The National Park protects a savanna region live in the numerous endangered species of large animals.

emas national park brazil Emas National Park in Brazil

emas national park brazil

The 1319 km ² park is located on the Serra dos Caiapós between 1000 m on the plateau, 400 meters into the river valleys. The climate is humid tropical heat and temperate, with hot and rainy summers and cold, wet winters. The boundaries of the park, which are usually formed by rivers and roads are problems for the wildlife of the area. In addition, numerous bush fires threaten the gallery forests and sometimes endangered species like the Giant anteaters. The relatively slow animals are sometimes killed in the fires.

The Serra dos Caiapós consists mainly of open grasslands, only about a quarter of the area is forested, and only 5% account for wetlands. Nevertheless, the species-rich flora with 600 species described (1999). However, the park is particularly well known for its abundance of animals and the fact that they have nowhere else seen in South America so easy in an open area. Among the 86 species of mammals are different endangered large animal species like the maned wolf, jaguar, giant anteater, giant armadillo, and pampas deer. The largest species of the area, the rhea . Among the total of 354 observed bird species there are 12 endangered species, in particular a number of specialized grassland birds here are endemic .

emas national park Emas National Park in Brazil

emas national park

The jaguar population is relatively small, since they constitute only about 40% of the 1320 square kilometer area really good habitat for this large cat. Moreover, the population largely isolated because the surrounding areas of urban sprawl and heavily influenced by soybean plantations. It is estimated that live in the area of national parks and in the immediately adjacent areas total about 10-12 Jaguars. In addition to the maned wolf are three other kinds of dogs in the park.

emas national park fauna Emas National Park in Brazil

emas national park fauna

The Brazilian Kamp fox is a very distinctive kind of cerrado savanna region, while the Maikong is relatively common. The third type is finally, albeit rarely, the bush dog before. Other predators are Puma, Ocelot, Jaguarundi, Pampas Cat, South American Coati, Crab Raccoon, Skunk Amazon, Tayra, Kleingrison and South American river otters. Larger herbivores in the park next to the pampas deer by tapir, , peccaries, marsh deer, red brocket deer and gray brocket deer represents. With black howler monkeys and Haubenkaupziner houses the sanctuary, two species of monkeys. The Tamandua is next to the Great Anteater another in the park indigenous species of this family. nine-banded armadillo , seven-banded armadillo , six-banded armadillo and Large nude tail armadillo represented together with the giant armadillo, the family of armadillos. In addition, there are numerous possums , bats and rodents, such as South American giant rats before. The largest rodent is the capybara of the area. Other species that are actually very typical of the Cerrado savannas, such as the Tapeti, the marmosets and Thrichomys apereoides missing from the National Park

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