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El Tajin – Mexico

by WCC on March 23, 2012

in North America

El Tajin is a pre-Columbian site south west of Papantla in Veracruz , Mexico . Following her was Tajín culture named. The city was in the first Century BC, probably by the Totonac established that they probably took as its capital. El Tajin was the god of wind, Huracan , and lightning, Tajin , after whom the town was named, consecrated. The heyday was from 700 AD 900th By 1200 the site was abandoned again. It is believed that the Toltecs ruled for a while about El Tajin.

el tajin El Tajin   Mexico

el tajin

The main Pyramid is the so-called niche Pyramid (Piramide de los Nichos). It is 25 meters high and 1,225 square meters. The pyramid has 365 slots, which is most likely a solar year is intended to symbolize. El Tajin is known also by its cultural ball game , possibly with human sacrifices ended. In this game, the teams had to (the number of players is not known, however, there are illustrations showing a total of four) the ball with the hips move in a lofty ring. This ball was a hard rubber ball, which is why the players, there are also a big belt, from which stone figures, contributed. It is assumed that either the losers or winners then beheaded were, and it is clear that the ritual sacrifice was considered a great honor. Today, there are still 10 playing fields. The most famous is the Juego de Pelota Sur with 60 m length. This ritual was originally performed only on certain feast days in honor of the gods of fertility, as Tlazolteotl and Xipe Totec.

Even today in El Tajin several times a day showed an ancient fertility ritual of the Totonac, the Danza del Volador . Four men (Voladores) symbolize the four winds, a fifth man is a symbol of the sun.

el tajin vacation El Tajin   Mexico

el tajin vacation

el tajin mexico El Tajin   Mexico

el tajin mexico

Dancing to move the four men on the trunk. They welcome the family and circle around him several times. Then, the four head winds on the tip of the stem. As the final climb as the fifth sun on the top of the trunk. He sits to the east and begins to play with a small drum and a flute, while the four winds are turning wrap the rope around the abdomen. The sun now welcomes the four cardinal points of their game. She turns to them one after another and dancing on the head. After that, the four winds can slow down head first with 13 turns on the earth. The sun set during this time the drum and flute. After the four winds have reached the earth, the sun goes down on the trunk or on one of the ropes to the ground. This ritual was used to prepare the young men of 20-25 years. The Voladores went a week before the ritual to find a suitable tree. Before the cases, they danced in honor of him and asked for permission for felling. Only then the tree was cut with great care so that he as little pain as possible be added. The selected tree had at least 25 meters high and the cable length to be measured accurately in order to achieve the four flying Voladores exactly 13 orbits of the tribe, which symbolize a period of 52 (4×13) years. The clothing of the Voladores is still a red trousers, white shirt, a red band around the hips and a feather headdress.

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