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Travel Guide to Vacation in El Salvador

by WCC on March 3, 2012

in North America

El Salvador is in Central America. Bordering countries are Guatemala and Honduras. El Salvador is not a classic tourist destination, but has a lot to offer. Those who like to move away from the big crowds and instead of “only” would like to see ruins and the rapid development of an emerging market country will not be disappointed.

elsalvador Travel Guide to Vacation in El Salvador

el salvador

The arrival of the aircraft via the Comalapa International Airport (El Salvador International Airport) in San Salvador . The airport is located 45 minutes from the city limits, the airport code is SAL. El Salvador is densely populated and has a good road network. However, on minor roads are often necessary and all-terrain vehicles on the main roads are potholes or missing manhole covers are not uncommon. Furthermore, the driving of the buses especially not as considerate as they used to in Europe. The Pan-American Highway runs through El Salvador and is a safe way to enter the car.

The buses are the only public transportation in El Salvador. The bus system is well developed, if the coaches know that you need to get there matrimonial everywhere. There are no timetables at bus stops, bus stops are also rare, it is usually by hand, or phonogram to the bus driver call to a halt. The objectives of the buses are, however, recorded on the windscreen (usually in interesting fonts). The buses are often old clunkers that are raced here until they fall apart! Very interesting and varied, however, is the bus service between cities, there are more sellers to sell toothbrushes Fußcrem, crisps, sweets and fruit smoothies everything your heart desires. Sometimes you get caught, even a modern coach, who then tv and air conditioning.

el salvador sunset Travel Guide to Vacation in El Salvador

el salvador sunset

el salvador mountain Travel Guide to Vacation in El Salvador

el salvador mountain

el salvador beach Travel Guide to Vacation in El Salvador

el salvador beach

The Salvadoran national dish is called Pupusa and consists of a filled tortilla (corn flour). It’s Pupusas with the following fillings: cheese, beans, meat (chicharrón), Loroco (local vegetables) and various combinations. To eat Curtido (in vinegar pickled cabbage) and tomato sauce. Also very common Mexican food is like Torta (a type of sandwich) or tacos. The typical breakfast consists of fried eggs, a bean, fried bananas and maybe a hearty sausage and cheese or white.

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