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El Puyo Ecuador

by WCC on June 8, 2012

in South America

El Puyo is a city in Ecuador, founded on May 12th of 1899, capital of the province of Pastaza. The name of the city is that is located along the river Puyo . Puyo comes from puyu which means fog in Quichua. It was founded on May 12th of 1899 by the Dominican missionary Alvaro Valladares and nine indigenous Canelos: Captain Eustace Palate or Illanes, Ignacio Vargas, Sebastian Illanes, Toribio Santi, and others, who, looking for a place to stop and rest between Bath and cinnamon, they found the right place near the Rio Puyo, where today is the Central Park May 12. Prior to this, the missionary sent to build 3 large huts in that place, then put a wooden cross and celebrated Mass, commending the people of the Virgin Mary , who was christened in Our Lady of the Rosary of Pompeii of Puyo. The early years, the new town was inhabited by native Indians. Mestizo traders used it as a break on their journeys between Bath and Canelos.

puyo ecuador El Puyo Ecuador

puyo ecuador

Located in the Amazon region of Ecuador , in the west of the province of Pastaza , approximately one hour from Bath by road very good quality. It is 924 m. above sea level, at latitude 0 ° 59 ‘-1 “S and longitude 77 ° 49′ 0″ W. The Puyo is a small town in recent years has significantly increased its tourism with special emphasis on ecological and adventure activities. The city is the commercial center and river port most important and advanced of the province of Pastaza.

puyo tours El Puyo Ecuador

puyo tours

puyo waterfall El Puyo Ecuador

puyo waterfall

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