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Egyptian pyramids

by WCC on June 9, 2012

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The pyramids of Egypt , all vestiges monumental that we have inherited the Egyptians of antiquity , including the three Great Pyramids of Giza , are both the most impressive and most emblematic of that civilization. If it was, at its origin, for the King, the idea of a pyramid tomb was quickly taken up by the relatives of the sovereign. Cheops seems to have been the first to allow its women to be raising such a tomb. Tombs of kings, queens and leading figures from the State, whose construction dates back to the great majority in the Old Kingdom , the pyramid-shaped stone hosts one or more internal chambers connected by corridors. The Great Pyramid of Giza , built by Khufu , is one of the seven wonders of antiquity.

pyramids 550x412 Egyptian pyramids


The Mastaba , quasi-rectangular building, was the burial of the kings of the Old Kingdom . The reasons for the passage of mastabas the pyramids are not clearly established, but it generally evokes a desire to reach heights increasingly significant to demonstrate the importance and power of the pharaoh deceased. The first mastabas, Single stage, have first evolved to mastabas two floors to accommodate new structures funeral, the second stage being narrower and lower than the first.

At the beginning of the III th Dynasty (circa -2700 to -2600), the mastabas became pyramids tell degrees to , consisting of several successive stages. The first and most famous of these pyramids is the Pyramid of Djoser at Saqqara , which was the architect Imhotep . Imhotep wanted to build a pyramid rising like a gigantic staircase towards the sky to symbolize the ascent of the deceased “underworld” to “heaven”.

The next step in the evolution of the pyramids was build by King Sneferu of ” Bent Pyramid “at the site of Dahshur . The Bent Pyramid is an intermediate step between the pyramid and the pyramid with smooth sides . The Bent Pyramid is a pyramid whose faces are smooth sections of a slope inclination decreasing towards the top. Non-uniformity of the slope could be explained by architectural difficulties and instability of the masonry of the pyramid.

pyramids egypt 550x361 Egyptian pyramids

pyramids egypt

pyramids cairo 550x343 Egyptian pyramids

pyramids cairo

egypt pyramids 550x412 Egyptian pyramids

Egyptian pyramids

Egyptian pyramids 550x440 Egyptian pyramids

Egyptian pyramids

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