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Edinburgh, Scotland

by WCC on May 3, 2012

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Edinburgh since 1437 is the capital of Scotland. Since 1999, Edinburgh is also the headquarters of the Scottish Parliament. Mayor (Lord Provost), the Liberal Democrat and former Evangelical Protestant pastor George Grubb. Edinburgh is about 486 000 inhabitants, according to Glasgow’s second largest city in Scotland and administratively since 1996 one of the 32 Scottish unitary authorities. The city is situated on Scotland’s east coast on the south side of the Firth of Forth.

edinburgh Edinburgh, Scotland


Edinburgh is probably named after the gododdinischen King Clydno Eiddyn (see also Cynon fab Clydno) as Eiddyn Din (Fortress Eiddyns), less likely to king Edwin of Northumbria. According to others, derives its name from the Gaelic name Dùn Èideann off, which means “fortress on the hill slope.” Often the city is also called “Athens of the North” (according to a quote from Theodor Fontane), and “city of seven hills” or the “Festival City”. Sir Walter Scott called it My own romantic town. Refit the nickname is The Auld Reekie, “The old smoky”, the Edinburgh owed ​​its earlier stable smoking factory chimneys.

Most of the inhabitants of Edinburgh are Scots, and there are many Irishmen and also German, Polish, Italians, Ukrainians, Pakistanis, Sikhs, Bengali, Chinese and English. Within this mix sounds Ulster by often. There is a separation of the schools for Catholic and Protestant children. In July, in Edinburgh every year one of the largest Orange Walks take place outside Northern Ireland (to commemorate the battles of the Boyne and at Aughrim).

university of edinburgh Edinburgh, Scotland

university of edinburgh

edinburgh streets Edinburgh, Scotland

edinburgh streets

edinburgh scotland Edinburgh, Scotland

edinburgh scotland

edinburgh market Edinburgh, Scotland

edinburgh market

edinburgh europe Edinburgh, Scotland

edinburgh europe

edinburgh city Edinburgh, Scotland

edinburgh city

edinburgh castle Edinburgh, Scotland

edinburgh castle

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