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Durham, England

by WCC on May 31, 2012

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Durham is a town in County Durham in northeast England. The city center is surrounded by the River Wear. The city had in 2001 just under 43,000 residents and is the administrative center of the unitary authority Durham County. It lies about 30 km south of Newcastle upon Tyne, at a height of 51 meters above sea level.

durham castle Durham, England

durham castle

Archaeological discoveries indicate settlements as early as the 20th Century BC through. The present city has its origins in 995, when a group of monks from Lindisfarne, at this point for over 100 years on the run from the Vikings, the high-lying peninsula as a final resting place for the remains of St Cuthbert of Lindisfarne chose and Church founded.

The city’s name is Lore has a vision returned to one of the monks. Accordingly, Cuthbert appeared to him and instructed him, the coffin to a place called Dun Holm bring. Although this place the monks was unknown, but it is believed that they knew the meaning of the name. Dun is the Anglo-Saxon word for hill, Holm’s Scandinavian origin, meaning island : hill-island. The Normans called it Duresme and for a long time, the Latin version Dunelm used, which was later simplified to the Durham developed.

durham market square Durham, England

durham market square

durham city Durham, England

durham city

Durham is home to the University of Durham, a cathedral (Durham Cathedral from 1093), the skyline is dominated by the city and one of the most beautiful in the country is considered, as well as a Castle (Durham Castle) (since 1837 University College, Durham). Both the cathedral and the castle are from 1986 on the UNESCO list of world cultural heritage. In the Norman cathedral and the appropriate receptacles for the cloister were Harry Potter films Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire shot. A popular event is the annual Durham Durham Miner’s Gala.

durham england Durham, England

durham england

durham cathedral Durham, England

durham cathedral

durham bridge Durham, England

durham bridge

durham at night Durham, England

durham at night

durham Durham, England


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