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Dunedin, New Zealand

by WCC on June 6, 2012

in Oceania

Dunedin is the second largest city in the South Island of New Zealand and also the capital of Otago . The name Dunedin is the Anglicized form of Scottish Gaelic name Dùn Èideann for Edinburgh and represent means city on the hill .

Dunedin 550x366 Dunedin, New Zealand


As a default eight populous city in the country is classified as the fourth most important cultural city of Dunedin in New Zealand behind Auckland , Wellington and Christchurch one. Dunedin was once the largest and richest city in the country, seat of the first university in New Zealand and launched the first daily newspaper, the Otago Daily Times out. Historically, Dunedin is one of the most interesting places in New Zealand.

Dunedin is home to 23,000 students annually to all educational institutions, which gives the city the world zweitsüdlichsten a lively buzz and a very active cultural scene. Dunedin is next to Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch one of the most popular music centers in the country. The well-known Kiwi band The Clean (1978), The Chills (1980), Sneaky Feelings (1980), Straitjacket Fits (1986), Look Blue Go Purple (1983) and Jean-Paul Sartre Experience (1986) arose from all the student scene Dunedin .

Dunedin is also a center of ecotourism known. As absolutely worth seeing is the only continental Königsalbatroskolonie the world, on the Dunedin peninsula offshore Otago Peninsula . The Royal Albatross (in Latin : Diomedea epomorphora on English : Royal Albatross on Maori : Toroa ) reach a wingspan of up to three meters , which gives the bird gliding through the air when something majestic.

Other attractions of the city are the seal and penguin colonies, among them one of the rare yellow-eyed penguin (in Latin: Megadyptes antipodes , in English: Yellow-eyed Penguin , on Maori Hoyho ) is located. With only 4,500 animals counted the total population , these animals are threatened with extinction.

Under the category of “funny” Dunedin is like the Baldwin Street , when – according to the Guinness Book of World Records for the steepest street in the world, actors -. Since asphalt would slip because of the steep slope (ratio 1:2,86 or 35%), the road was paved with concrete slabs. Once a year in February, provides the Baldwin Street Gutbuster race with about 1,000 mostly young competitors for a lot of fun.

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Dunedin Night

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Dunedin New Zealand

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