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by WCC on February 21, 2012

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Djibouti – is a republic in eastern Africa at the strait of Bab el Mandeb . Its area is slightly larger than Hesse. It is bordered to the north by Eritrea , on the west by Ethiopia and the south of Somalia and not internationally recognized Somaliland as well as on the east by the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea . The Yemen is located a few kilometers away on the other side of the Red Sea.

djibouti lac abbe Djibouti

djibouti-lac abbe

Djibouti was founded in 1977 by France independently. The population is about 60% of Somalis and 35% from Afar. The diverse desert landscape Djibouti surrounds the horseshoe-shaped reaching far inland Bay of Tadjoura . Once the land was below sea level, something that many coral reefs indicate. The coast and its offshore islands, coral reefs and underwater volcanoes are a diver’s paradise. Djibouti is heavily shaped volcano, the volcano Ardoukôba was created until 1978. Scenic territory consists in part of the large reduction of the field arid Afar lowlands , which are sometimes far below the level of the sea descends. The greatest depth is in Assalsee at 155 m below sea level. A few kilometers east of the lake is Ghoubet in the Gulf of Tadjoura over.

The Danakil Mountains to the north consist of crystalline massive rocks and younger basalt flows . They reach their highest point on the border with Ethiopia and Eritrea in Mousa Alli with 2028 m. In the south plains and basalt flows are predominant. In his endorheic valleys and salt pans evaporates the water flowing in the wadis only temporarily; bizarre salt and gypsum formations line the banks of the Assalsees (57 km ²) and Lake Abbe . He is the Gamarisee of the Ethiopian river Awash fed, which – coming from the west – in a system of several uninhabited salt basin loses.

Flora and Fauna
Bush savanna cover due to the lack of rain, half and full desert most of the country. Only at elevations above 1200 m there are acacia, arborvitae, junipers, wild fig and olive trees. A thorn tree and cactus extends into the slopes of Mousa Alli. In the park you Forêt Day could be a lot of other plant species will have disappeared.

djibouti whale shark Djibouti

djibouti whale shark

djibouti beach Djibouti

djibouti beach

As in other arid regions in Africa live in Djibouti, gazelles, antelopes, zebras, hyenas and jackals. The Abbe lake in the southwest is known for its numerous here occurring ibis, pelicans and flamingos in particular.

Infrastructure and tourism
The inadequate road network has a length of 3100 km, about 400 km of which are attached. The most important and most traveled route from Djibouti city in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa . It provides the economic lifeblood of the country dar. The capital has a modern deep water port with a free port and container terminal and an international airport. Thanks to numerous investors from the Arabian Peninsula recently been significant enhancements to the port facilities to be built in Doraleh. Since its completion in April 2009 the country has one of the largest container terminals in the region.

It is estimated that the port will become the most important in East Africa. Airport and a new container terminal can be concluded on an intensive cooperation with Dubai to. A 781 km long railway line (including 106 km in Djibouti) leads from the port to Addis Ababa, it is currently not in operation. The tourism is still in its infancy. With the expansion of related infrastructure will be moved, especially transit passengers to a multi-day stay. Good development opportunities exist here, especially in the field of fishing and diving tourism.

djibouti food Djibouti

djibouti food

djibouti city Djibouti

djibouti city

djibouti port Djibouti

djibouti port

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