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Discover Rio de Janeiro’s Wonders

by Jivi on October 15, 2012

in South America

Rio de Janeiro in Brazil is an ideal year-round tourist destination. It is popular for its beaches, infrastructures, arts, sports events, and cultural celebrations, snatching the honor of being southern hemisphere’s #1 most visited city.

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Dubbed as the “Marvelous City,” Rio de Janeiro indeed has numerous marvels that make it deserving to be called such.

The Rio Carnival

The Rio Carnival 600x450 Discover Rio de Janeiro’s Wonders

Before the start of Lent every year, a total of at least five million people gather on the streets from Saturday to Wednesday to take part in this world famous festival in Rio de Janeiro. Numerous concerts, dances, and parades are organized within this period, and everybody is encouraged to just let loose and join the others in merriment. Singing and dancing on the streets can go on all day and night.

The Christ the Redeemer Statue

The Christ the Redeemer Statue 600x468 Discover Rio de Janeiro’s Wonders

The Cristo Redentor, or Christ the Redeemer, statue on Corcovado Mountain is an iconic landmark in Rio de Janeiro. The actual Jesus of Nazareth statue is 30.1 meters tall, and the pedestal is 9.5 meters high, making it the world’s fifth largest Jesus sculpture and the world’s largest Art Deco statue. It was designed by Brazilian engineer Heitor da Silva Costa and was inaugurated in 1931 after nine years of construction. It was inducted to the New Seven Wonders of the World in 2007.

The Rio Beaches

The Rio Beaches 600x450 Discover Rio de Janeiro’s Wonders

Rio de Janeiro is blessed with an unparalleled natural beauty as manifested by its beaches — Ipanema, Copacabana, Leblon, Prainha, Joatinga Beach, and Grumari. The pure, golden sand and crystal clear waters are enough reasons to enjoy a dip and try out several water activities. Many Rio de Janeiro resorts offer jet skiing, surfing, kayaking, wake boarding, and other services so that guests can have the time of their lives in Brazil.

The Nightlife in Rio Janeiro

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The Rio de Janeiro energy is still kicking even after the sun has set. The city has several bars and clubs where the partygoers, the young and the old, go to relax and unwind. They can take pleasure from listening to the music of various local bands or dancing to the catchy beats of Brazilian music.

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