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by WCC on January 25, 2012

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Denmark – The Kingdom of Denmark (Danish Kongeriget Danmark) is a country in Northern Europe, the territory between the Scandinavian peninsula and Central Europe includes some 43,000 square kilometers, of which about a third to the total of 443 named islands (of which 72 inhabited) Not applicable (total: 1419 Islands area about 100 meters).

Denmark since 1973 belongs to the EU. The country is an intercontinental state, because in addition to the core territory of the autonomous territories Greenland and the Faroe Islands belong to Denmark. Both areas run their own flags, have their own official languages and belong to NATO, but not to the EU.

The only land border is with Denmark Germany. In there, a former Danish S├╝dschleswig lives a relatively
strong Danish minority. In Denmark, there are however in the former German North Schleswig a German minority.

denmark landscape Denmark

denmark castle Denmark denmark castle denmark beach Denmark denmark beach pin it button Denmark

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