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Denali National Park

by WCC on March 16, 2012

in North America

Denali National Park is a U.S. National Park in Alaska. Alaska was sold in spring 1867 by the Russian Tsar in the United States. The Russians verschärbelten its largest overseas-island for a pittance ($ 7.2 million correspond to $ 0.0004 / km ²), since this country as “not viable” einschätzte. In addition, Alaska, Russia was only in the winter, “easy” access (as the frozen Bering Sea may be crossed). At that time it was also aware of the tremendous resources yet this wild country. Alaska has enormous exhibit Natural resources: petroleum, natural gas, gold, copper, tin, iron and many more. Today, the country lives mainly by reducing raw materials mentioned above. Other revenue sources include the trading of wood (paper industry in particular), with fishing (mainly salmon), and furs.

denali national park Denali National Park

denali national park

The American state of Alaska is known for its largely unspoiled and wild nature. Of deep pine forests, endless steppes to massive glaciers can be found here everything. The visitors can sun, wind, rain and population, and see absolutely everything in one day. In summer, temperatures reach an average of plus 1 to plus 24 degrees Celsius degree. In winter it can get extremely cold, with temperatures between minus 40 degrees Celsius and minus 5 degrees Celsius warmer days.

denali national park mountains mckinley Denali National Park

denali national park mountains mckinley

alaska denali national park1 Denali National Park

alaska denali national park

denali national park wonder lake Denali National Park

denali national park wonder lake

denali national park usa Denali National Park

denali national park usa


denali national park landscape wallpaper Denali National Park

denali national park landscape wallpaper

denali lake and mountains Denali National Park

denali lake and mountains


The Grizzly Bear – one of the largest bears in the world – is definitely an omnivore. He berries, herbs, flowers, roots, herbs and honey eaten as a “vegetarian diet”. Against insects and their larvae, he has no objections. Sometimes he lays hands even on the eggs of birds. But mostly he eats meat: mice, elk, moose, reindeer, bison and salmon.

For humans these bears are generally not dangerous, and with a few exceptions: if the bear is surprised or provoked, it may be lebensgefärhlich for humans. However, this can be prevented by sound (eg bell at the bottom). Wounded bears are scary, and fall in the extreme case of anxiety out of their own. The bear has no natural enemies, but is also the situation is extremely rare (except for the bear to hurt other manners) This leads to incidents each year, ending in some cases fatal. Research showed, however, that in almost all cases, the man himself is guilty (eg due to provocation of the like.). It should be noted that even a single blow can end a bear’s paw for a man fatally – the same goes for bites.

Grizzlies to meet or to sift through is not uncommon in much of Alaska prove dar. However, such meetings only for the human being as spectacular – the bear takes little note of the people and schländert disinterested on his way. For this “lack of interest” such encounters in almost all cases, though stunning, but completely harmless. In exceptional cases, the bear trotted on to the people only to simulate a “false attack.” However, this is merely a show of force. There are no documents or records that grizzlies attacking people for no reason (except in the aforementioned exceptions).

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