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Dead Sea

by WCC on February 23, 2012

in Asia

The Dead Sea on the border between Israel and Jordan is the lowest point on earth , with 417m (in 2003).

dead sea 550x384 Dead Sea

dead sea

About the oasis of Ein Gedi (En Gedi) and A Tiberias (Tiberias En), both are regular buses from Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Eilat, Beersheba and Arad accessible. As the area is sparsely populated, check the timetables before departure. Swimming is good for example in the “Mineral Beach” is possible, which is very clean and has a good Infrastrucktur. The nearer to Jerusalem, “Kalia Beach” is often hit by a guided tour. He is not as well maintained and is more suitable for a quick trip to the Dead Sea, not for a whole day.The Dead Sea can be reached from Amman or Aqaba in one day.

The water in the Dead Sea has an extremely high salt content (about 10 times higher). Because many of the salt can not fish or larger animals exist in the water, hence the name. Previously ever came fresh water through the Jordan into the Dead Sea. It erschied later to consolidate the fresh water supply for the population and agriculture, to divert the Jordan River. Pessimistic estimates say that the Dead Sea will disappear in 50 years.

There are joint plans by Israel and Jordan, water from the Red Sea into the Dead Sea to conduct. Due to the large difference in height so that electricity can be obtained, which is to be again used for the desalination of water. Whether these plans will be implemented but is ever open. The Dead Sea is divided into the big lake and the lagoon. Due to the declining water table was this separation and the lagoon by a channel is now held steadily with water from the big lake on the same water level. On the Israeli side there is the tourist port of No. 1 – A Tiberias, close to the lagoon.

salt dead sea 550x412 Dead Sea

salt dead sea

dead sea salt 550x367 Dead Sea

dead sea salt

dead sea people proof 550x412 Dead Sea

dead sea people proof

dead sea map 550x835 Dead Sea

dead sea map

dead sea jordan 550x412 Dead Sea

dead sea jordan

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