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Dakhla of Western Sahara

by WCC on January 19, 2012

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Dakhla of Western Sahara – Ad Dakhla ( Arabic الداخلة ad-Dakhla , DMG al-Dahila also Dakhla , Spanish spelling Dajla , former Spanish name Villa Cisneros ) is the southernmost city in the of Morocco claimed Western Sahara and the capital of the administrative region of Oued ed Dahab Lagouira .

dakhla festival Dakhla of Western Sahara

dakhla tourism

End of the 19th Century as the Spanish established trading post, the first seaport remained at the only sheltered bay of the Atlantic coast in the Western Sahara during the Spanish colonial era to the 1930s, a small military base. In 1979 the city was put under Moroccan administration. The economy relies on fishing and military aims, a tourist development.

Dakhla Positions
Dakhla is located on a 38 kilometer long and four kilometers wide strip of land that is parallel to the coast extends in a southwesterly direction and Rio de Oro, the only bay on the 875 kilometer long coastal surrounds. The Tropic of Cancer runs about 30 miles south. The adjacent mainland and the peninsula consists of a nearly barren sand and gravel plain ( Reg ) without agricultural land. Between the mouth of the Wadi Draa Morocco to Dakhla in the south-west leads the West Africa be crossed by paved road about 1000 kilometers of desert area. The distance from Aaiún is just over 500 kilometers. The approximately 460-kilometer section of road along the coast south to the Mauritanian border town of Nouadhibou runs up to a few newly created settlements through uninhabited area.

The open to the sea west coast of the peninsula north of the city has between short rocky sections on miles of sandy beaches that are accessible not only because of its distance from the Moroccan tourist destinations.

Ad Dakhla extends on the east side of the peninsula along the bay, whose shores piled up in the city area and into a promenade, the Avenue Mohammed V was developed. In the south, ending at the waterfront warehouses ahead of the harbor. The fishing port itself is about four miles south of the city in a wide wharf jutting into the bay.

dakhla entrance gateway Dakhla of Western Sahara

dakhla entrance gateway

city of dakhla Dakhla of Western Sahara

city of dakhla

The square planned business center ad-Dakhla extends around the vegetable market with the great mosque nearby. Calls the wide main street with houses on both sides of arcades in the north-south direction Wala Boulevard. Lively does the area around the pedestrian zone kilometers to the north, near the waterfront. Here are some simple hotels, further north, along the promenade since the millennium, other accommodations, including the only luxury hotel created.
The older and new residential buildings in white or light as the administration buildings have the typical reddish-brown paint for Morocco. From the Spanish colonial period, the church is completed in 1953 Nuestra Señora del Carmen received. She was on General Franco’s request in 1950 designed together with the Church of Aaiun by the same architect as the Valle de los Caídos in Madrid is responsible. Since 1984, refer to the white domed church services no longer occurs. In the old fort, its cannon pointed in the direction of the local settlement, today the same central square post is located.

1925, the French Co. Générale Aéropostale in Cape Juby , Villa Cisneros and Port-Etienne airports as one of the bases on airmail route Toulouse – Dakar (dealt with in literature by Antoine de Saint-Exupery ). The runway was paved in Villa Cisneros in the 1960s for the first time, it runs within a fenced area about four kilometers from the edge of downtown to the north. East of the airport on the northern outskirts of the city lies the great military barracks, the accompanying entertainment district on the opposite side of the road by an ever-enlarging middle class residential area has been overbuilt. Two main roads leaving the city on either side of the airport to the north.

dakhla surfing Dakhla of Western Sahara

dakhla surfing

dakhla kitesurf Dakhla of Western Sahara

dakhla kitesurf

Dakhla Tourism and Transport
In wind- and kitesurfers are the beaches along the peninsula of Dakhla, especially during the winter months as ideal. The water temperature throughout the year about 25 ° C. The deep-sea fishing is the second sport, is visited for the Dakhla. The tourist infrastructure is developing gradually since the turn of the millennium, there are hotels and restaurants in the city, right on the beaches are no accommodations available.

At Cap Sarga, the southwestern tip of the peninsula, in August every year competitions in fishing and windsurfing organized. In March, a festival held in honor of the sea and desert. Several bus companies operate daily with great coaches over Aaiun north to cities in Morocco’s heartland. Towards Mauritania to the south there is no public transportation. A transport must be arranged privately. The Dakhla Airport ( IATA Code: VIL) several times a week from Casablanca, and served in charter flights from the Canary islands.

dakhla sunset Dakhla of Western Sahara

dakhla sunset

dakhla mosque Dakhla of Western Sahara

dakhla mosque

dakhla kitesurf and yoga camp Dakhla of Western Sahara

dakhla surfing camp

dakhla hotel Dakhla of Western Sahara

dakhla hotel

dakhla cliffs landscape Dakhla of Western Sahara

dakhla cliffs landscape

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