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Czech Republic

by WCC on January 24, 2012

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Czech Republic (officially Czech Republic, Czech Česká republika hear ? / i or Česko) is a state in central Europe and covers the three historic lands of Bohemia, Moravia and Czech Silesia. The official language is Czech.

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The Czech Republic came into being on 1 January 1993 as the successor state of Czechoslovakia. The state was founded in 1999, eight years after the dissolution of the Warsaw Pact, a member of NATO and became effective on 1 May 2004, the European Union at.

Czech Republic, a landlocked country has, by its border mountains one topographically clear structure: it consists of several basins that are surrounded by mountains and divided. Therefore, they say, for example, in Upper Austria “I’m going to Bohemian inside” – and not across. The Czech Republic bordering Germany (810 km) to the west and northwest, Poland (762 km) in the north, Slovakia (252 km) to the east and Austria in the (466 miles) south. On the southwest border in the Czech Republic is the Bohemian Forest (Šumava, 1,000 to 1,400 m), in the northwest, the Erzgebirge (Ore Mountains, wedge mountain 1,244 m) and in the north, the Sudeten (Sudetes), which in the Giant Mountains (Krkonoše) with the Śnieżka (Sněžka) 1602 m reach. Southeast of the Erzgebirge extends from either side of the Elbe (Czech Labe), the Bohemian Highlands from.

Bohemia and Moravia are the low Bohemian-Moravian Highlands (600 to 800 m) apart. Moravia in the eastern portion has the Carpathian foothills in the south and the Vienna Basin. Its eastern border with Slovakia are the Beskid and White Carpathians and March, and only the southern border with Lower Austria is largely a river – the strong meandering Thaya (Dyje). On the summits of the Bohemian Forest, Central Bohemian Mountains, the Beskids and the first foothills of the Carpathian passes the European Watershed.

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The basins are very fertile. Thus, in Bohemia, especially in the Saaz pool, hops grown (Bohemia is one of the traditional beer brewing countries), Moravian wine is grown. The Czech Republic lies in the temperate zone of the earth. The average annual temperature is 7.9 °C with mild winters (February: 0.5 °C) and cool summers (June: 18.6 °C). The annual rainfall is 508 mm in Prague, a relatively low value due to the Lee -location east or southeast of the Bohemian Forest, the Upper Palatinate Forest and the Erzgebirge.

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