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by WCC on February 29, 2012

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Curacao is an island in the Caribbean, 75 miles north coast of Venezuela . The island is a dependency of the independent kingdom of Holland. It is an island in the Netherlands Antilles , two island groups in the Caribbean Sea – one includes Curacao and Bonaire , north of Venezuela , the other is east of the Virgin Islands.

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Curacao is among the group known as the “ABC Islands” Alongside Aruba and Bonaire . This trio is located near Venezuela , and are Considered to be outside the Caribbean’s so-called “hurricane zones.” That this means-vacations to the island Rarely are disrupted by tropical storms Such.

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curacao caribbean

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curacao resort hotel

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curacao wallpaper

One of the most notable things about the island is ITS cultures. This Dutch island features the pastel colors and building styles you’d find in the Netherlands . However, the people of the island have Developed cultures, and even a language, of Their Own. Papiamentu (Often spelled Papiamento ) is the island’s native Creole .

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