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by WCC on January 21, 2012

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Croatia (Croatian Hrvatska, Official name: Republika Hrvatska, German Republic of Croatia) is a state in Europe. The territory east of the Adriatic Sea and in the southwest part of the Pannonian Plain.

croatia split Croatia

In the north-west is Slovenia, northern Hungary, in northeastern Serbia, in the east of Bosnia and Herzegovina and in the southeast Montenegro the border. The territory of the former Republic of Ragusa (Dubrova─Źka Republika), which today makes up the southernmost part of the state, has no direct land connection to the rest of the country because of a few kilometers wide access to the sea of Bosnia and Herzegovina lies in between, the area around Dubrovnik is thus the only enclave in the country.

After many years of negotiations took place under Polish EU Presidency on 9 December 2011 in Brussels, the solemn signing of the Accession Treaty between the European Union and Croatia instead. With the completion of the ratification process is to accession country on 1 28th July 2013 Member State of the European Union are. The referendum on accession to the EU according to the resolution of the Croatian Parliament on 22 Held in January 2012.

Croatia City

croatia city Croatia

Croatia Split

croatia Croatia

Croatia Landscape

croatia landscape Croatia

Plitvice Lake Croatia

plitvice lake croatia Croatia

Croatia Beach

croatia beach Croatia

Croatia Beach Girls

croatia beach girls Croatia

Croatia Girls

croatian girls Croatia

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