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Crete, Greece

by WCC on May 10, 2012

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Crete the largest Greek island and 8261.183 square kilometers and 1066 kilometers of coastline, the fifth largest island in the Mediterranean. The region includes Crete 8331.231 square kilometers and includes some surrounding islands with one, of which the front Located south coast of Crete, inhabited Gavdos marked the southernmost point of Europe. The island has a total of 600 159 inhabitants (2001). Administrative and economic center of Crete is Heraklion, with about 140,000 inhabitants, while the largest city of Crete.

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Crete is located 160 kilometers south of mainland Greece. It is the largest Greek island after Cyprus’s second largest in the eastern Mediterranean. The island has an elongated shape, it measures in east-west direction over 260 kilometers with a maximum width of 60 kilometers. At its narrowest point (near Ierapetra) Crete is 12 kilometers wide. Crete is located on the 34th and 35 north latitude and between 23 and 26 eastern longitude. The distance from Africa is 300 miles, 175 km to Asia and mainland Europe 100 kilometers.

The population of Crete amounts to just over 600,000 (as of 2001). Well over half of the Cretans living in the fast-growing urban areas of Iraklio, Chania, Rethymno, Agios Nikolaos and Ierapetra. The rest live in small towns with under 10,000 inhabitants, in villages or individual farms.

As in Greece, Crete, is modern Greek the official language of the natives, however, in the variant of the Cretan dialect is spoken in rural areas, even from the youngest generation. Still, there are older people who only speak the dialect, while most can speak to the 1950 standard also born Greek. Since the modern Greek language is divided not so much in different dialects such as English, German or Italian, it is in Greece is a feature that is used by mainland Greeks gladly taken up caricaturing (often with reference to the quirkiness, backwardness or stubbornness of Cretans). Some local Cretan radio stations broadcast their programs almost entirely on Cretan (for example “Erotokritos”), in the reproduction of short stories or poems and song books dedicated to preserving the notation as far as possible to the dialect.

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