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Coventry, England

by WCC on May 25, 2012

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Coventry is an English industrial town in the metropolitan county of West Midlands. With about 300,000 inhabitants Coventry occupied on the list of cities in the United Kingdom in eleventh place. Coventry is located 153 kilometers northwest of London and 39 miles east of Birmingham. A special feature of the town is that it is farther away than any other British city of the coast.

 Coventry, England


It is widely believed that Coventry in 1043 with the founding of the Benedictine Abbey by Leofric, Earl of Mercia was born. In Leofric’s also the best-known legend in the history of Coventry, the naked ride his wife Lady Godiva back. Up to 14 Century Coventry had become one of the most important centers of the cloth trade and one of the most important cities in England. 1345 the town city rights were granted.

In the English Civil War was the heavily fortified Coventry firmly in the hands of Parliament. The city walls were demolished, but after the Restoration in 1662 on the orders of Charles II. In the 18th and 19 First developed a century of watchmaking center in Coventry from the late 19th Century one of the focal points of the bike and later, the engine production.

Traditionally, Coventry center of the British vehicle and engine design. The Triumph Cycle Company from built in the mid 1880s, first bike and was in 1902 which began motorcycle production after World War II the largest manufacturers in Great Britain (see also: Triumph Motorcycles). From 1923, the Triumph Motor Company and automobile producer.

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coventry university

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coventry england

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