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Córdoba, Spain

by WCC on June 12, 2012

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Cordoba is the capital of the province of Cordoba in Spain and the third largest city of Andalusia. Cordoba is located on the Guadalquivir. Cordoba is an ancient Iberian settlement back. It was 169 BC by the Romans occupied and developed as Corduba the capital of southern Spain. In the 3rd or 4 Corduba century was bishop. One of the first bishops to Ossius (Hosius) have been, as the adviser of Constantine the Great and a major, the Council of Nicaea affected.

cordoba Córdoba, Spain


After being destroyed by the Vandals remained in Cordoba, part of the Visigothic kingdom. From 554-571 it belonged to the Byzantine Empire. After the reconquest by the Visigoths 572, it lost its importance and fell into disrepair. 711 was the city from the Moors conquered was, from 716 temporary seat of the governor of al-Andalus and from 756 the capital of the Umayyad Emirate of Córdoba. In the 10th Century, the Caliphate of Córdoba established. During this time there were about half a million people in Córdoba (Arabic قرطبة, Qurtuba), which was then one of the largest cities in the known world was. Christians, Jews and Muslims lived together mostly peacefully.

After the fall of the Caliphate won in the time of the Taifa kingdoms in 1031, the first dynasty of Moorish Dschahwariden the rule, the 1069 of the Abbadids from Seville was replaced. After its collapse in 1091 the city was ruled by the Berber dynasty of the Almoravids. In 1148 the city was by the Almohads conquered, 1236 as part of the Reconquista by Christian forces of Castile ( the case of Córdoba). During the Spanish War of Independence the city was on 8 June 1808 by French troops under General Pierre Dupont de l’Etang occupied, looted and largely destroyed.

cordoba streets Córdoba, Spain

cordoba streets

cordoba spain Córdoba, Spain

cordoba spain

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