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Cordoba – Argentina

by WCC on April 25, 2012

in South America

Cordoba is the capital of an eponymous Argentine province with 1.35 million inhabitants the second largest city in the country. It lies at the geographic center of the country east of the mountain chain of the Sierras de Cordoba. Cordoba is known as the metropolis of the interior. It also known as “La Docta” because of its many educational and training institutions, among them the oldest and currently the second largest university in the country, the Universidad Nacional de Córdoba. The city is due to the many students, particularly the central quarter of Nueva Cordoba crowd, very young and alive. The cultural offer is rich and very varied, but often in the national media – neglected in favor of the scene of Buenos Aires – and in most guidebooks. An exception is popular among young people Cuarteto music, a fun, fast dance music that mixes elements of European and Caribbean and has become a true mass movement.

Cordoba Argentina Cordoba   Argentina

Cordoba Argentina

Popular with tourists, the city is above all for its colonial buildings in the center, by the Jesuits in the 17th and 18 Century were built and are now listed – an entire city block was awarded in 2000 a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. She is also an important industrial, trade and convention center and therefore takes a lot of business. Today, the city has, especially in the north and northwest part of expanded far beyond its actual limits. The total built area is called “Gran Córdoba” and has about 1.8 million inhabitants.

Because of its central location, Cordoba is very easy to reach from all parts of Argentina and neighboring countries. In Cordoba there are a very diverse nightlife, but it is due to the lack of even remotely complete calendar of events, even for the Cordobeses themselves often difficult to overlook. The best way to consult with local people. The best event information can be found in the newspaper La Voz del Interior (Thursdays there is a short nightlife guide, “Guia del fin de semana,” which provides a good overview) or on their website “Córdoba.Net” . For fans of electronic music, the portal is Cosmo Beat helpful to provide good information about the well-known techno and house clubs in the city.

Cathredal of Cordoba Argentina Cordoba   Argentina

Cathredal of Cordoba Argentina

Ciudad De Cordoba Cordoba   Argentina

Ciudad De Cordoba

Cordoba San Martin Cordoba   Argentina

Cordoba San Martin

A special feature of Cordoba, the Cuarteto de Bailes , where bands play for several hours, the fast Cuarteto danceable music. They take place in concert or in gymnasiums and large discos and are visited mainly by young workers and young people from the slums. Such Baile is to visit an experience in itself, but it is advisable to take a local as a companion: Even if “Baile” visitor nothing against tourists have to watch out in particular men at the “hit on” is not a guided woman get down . For newcomers to the Cuarteto of Baile’s La Barra with a fancier audience recommended as particularly dangerous on the other hand is just the best known of the Cuarteto singer, Carlos “La Mona” Jimenez .

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