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Cordoba and La Mezquita

by WCC on January 4, 2013

in Europe

Cordoba is a thriving, beautiful city which takes most of its charm from the many historical influences throughout its boarders. Known as one of the original three Moorish cities, there is much religious influence here that can be used to color your travelling experience. Sites are close to each other, so many tourists who have visited this location before recommend that visitors take the time to walk and appreciate the flavor of this beautiful city.

1920x1080 Cordoba La Mezquita roman bridge Cordoba and La Mezquita

At the center of the town you will find the breathtaking Mezquita, one of the largest and most extensively decorated mosques in Spain. Visitors should take the time to savor the hypo-style hall, which includes hundreds of

columns decorated in onyx, marble, granite and jasper. Many pieces of architecture in this mosque were created from the ruins of Roman buildings, creating an interesting mix of cultures and time period influence throughout the structure. Take a guided tour of the area or simply take the time to wander and appreciate the overwhelming beauty of the space.

1920x1080 Cordoba La Mezquita Cordoba and La Mezquita

Those who were hoping to sample authentic Spanish cuisine on their vacation will not be disappointed in Cordoba. From the casual tourist cafes to the upscale restaurants, everything here is high quality and delicious. One of the most popular choices is the Regadera, which combines contemporary cooking with original Spanish favorites, which is something of a tribute to the overall vibe of Cordoba itself. The Cordoba Mezquita hotel also provides many culinary delights that have pleased those who have stayed there tremendously. This hotel is also located in the ideal location for exploring and appreciating the beauty of the mosque and city.

 1920x1080 1920x1080 Cordoba La Mezquita Pillars Cordoba and La Mezquita

Hotels and Attractions

Hotel Conquistador- Located just next to the mosque, this location could not be more impressive or a more beautiful location for those looking to explore the ruins or famous sites.

Cordoba Mezquita- The mosque is one of the oldest in the area, and is decorated in incredible detail which is considered one of the jewels of the area.

Eurostars Patios de Cordoba- This hotel draws its inspiration from the city’s history, combining architecture and influence from the many people who have called Spain home throughout history.

Regadera- A must visit restaurant for those who want to sample contemporary Spanish and Mediterranean food.

Ziryab Taberna Gastronomica- Those who are looking for an elegant affair with high class dining and service will not be disappointed by this restaurant.

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