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Come Explore the Cayman Islands, a Divers Paradise

by WCC on December 21, 2012

in North America, Oceania

In the western portion of the Caribbean Sea lie three small islands that make up the Cayman island chain. This British territory is best known for its beautiful beaches and cool tropical climate and world class diving. A vacation to this unique part of the world is sure to please all involved. The Cayman Islands are among the Caribbean’s most popular destinations. The islands that make up the Cayman’s are called: Cayman Brac, Grand Cayman, and Little Cayman. The Cayman’s are located in the western part of the Caribbean, northwest of Jamaica, and just south of Cuba.

1920x1080 Cayman Sunset Come Explore the Cayman Islands, a Divers Paradise

Cayman Brac

With a distinct limestone formation known as “The Bluff,” Cayman Brac has the most unique terrain among the three islands. “The Bluff” runs along the 19-kilometer length of Cayman Brac and rises up to 43 meters above sea level. Of all that there is to do on this beautiful island, Scuba diving is probably the most popular. Divers from all over the world flock to this small island to dive the expansive reefs and even the occasional ship wreak. It is an adventure that you will not soon forget. Many dive companies in the area offer “valet” dive service, these companies will provide you with all the necessary equipment to see a underwater world that you may have never knew existed. Of all the companies there, Reef Divers (a part of Brac Reef Beach Resort) is among the best.

cayman islands diving activities Come Explore the Cayman Islands, a Divers Paradise

Little Cayman

Located 8 kilometers west of Cayman Brac is Little Cayman, the smallest of the three islands, measuring only 16 kilometers in length and home to less than 170 people. Like its counterpart, Little Cayman is also a world renowned diving area. Scuba diving  The Bloody Bay is a experience that no diver will soon forget. This popular dive site is recognized as one the best in the world in terms of wall dives. It is located on the northern portion of Little Cayman.

Grand Cayman

The largest of the three islands is of course Grand Cayman, measuring 196 square kilometers, it is the location of the nation’s largest city and capital, George Town. While the diving around this beautiful island is  spectacular, the beaches here are equally so. Seven Mile Beach is a white, coral-sand beach found on the western side of the island. Known as the best beach in the Cayman’s, this beach is also home to the islands most popular resorts and hotels. Other notable Grand Cayman beaches are the Morritts Grand, The Reef at Colliers Bay, Frank Sound,White Sand Bay, and Half Moon Bay.

1920x1080 Seven Mile Beach Come Explore the Cayman Islands, a Divers Paradise

So whether you are a diver or just looking for a relaxing vacation, the Cayman islands are sure to please. For more information on where to stay in the Cayman’s, please refer to the hotels listed below. Thanks for reading and enjoy your vacation!

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