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by WCC on January 11, 2012

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Asia has approximately 44.6145 million square kilometers is the largest continent and part of Eurasia . It covers about one third of the landmass of the earth . In Asia, with about four billion people live about 60 percent of world population .The word Asia comes from the Assyrian , meaning sunrise . It thus corresponds to the Latin Orient , or the German East . Thus, in ancient times the region was Asia Minor Asia called, from which later the name of the Roman province of Asia . showed In ancient times the name was Asia attributed to people’s beach Come Explore Asia

The continental land mass lies entirely in the eastern hemisphere and north of the equator, with the exception of the Chukchi Peninsula in eastern Siberia , which lies east of the dateline, and the southeastern islands in the Malay archipelago , located on the southern hemisphere is the earth. Asia is the largest continent on earth. With approximately 44.614 million square kilometers (31.7 million square kilometers, excluding Russia) it contains about one-third of the total land mass. Together with Europe, Asia is also available as part of the large continent Eurasia considered.

Asia is in the north of the Arctic Ocean to the east by the Pacific Ocean and the south by the Indian Ocean is limited. To the west is the frontier of Europe from north to south through the Ural Mountains, the Ural River, the Caspian Sea and the Manych lowland , the Caucasus , the southern coast of the Black Sea and the Bosphorus , Marmara Sea and Dardanelles formed. Of the Barents Sea to the Black Sea, this limit is about 2,700 km long. With Africa , Asia north of the Red Sea across the peninsula Sinai (Isthmus of Suez , 145 km wide) is connected.

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In the north-east, the land masses of Asia and lying North of the Bering Strait, a little more than 80 km apart. In the southeast of the Malay archipelago forms the connection to Australia . The coastline of Asia is about 82.3 thousand km, of which the Arctic Ocean, 15.900 km, 27.3 thousand km of the Pacific Ocean, the Indian Ocean and 33.6 thousand kilometers on the Mediterranean and the Black Sea along about 5,500 km.

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