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Come Experience Nice France

by WCC on November 6, 2012

in Europe

Nice is a beautiful French city located on the Southeast coast of the country. Its location on the Mediterranean Sea, makes it a perfect holiday destination. Its summers are dry, sunny, and warm, and its winters are mild. It has several amazing sandy beaches, lush natural sites, and thought provoking historical landmarks. For these reasons Nice is France’s second most popular tourist destination, Paris being the first.

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A few of  Nice’s top tourist attractions:

Vieux Nice, or Old Town Nice, is a part of the city where you can find numerous shops and boutiques,  pubs, restaurants, and clubs. It is predominantly old, narrow streets and buildings that depict the age of this remarkable city.

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St. Nicholas Orthodox Cathedral, more commonly known as the Russian Orthodox Cathedral, is one of  many Russian structures located in Nice. It was completed in 1912 and currently holds the title of being Western Europe’s biggest Orthodox Cathedral. It is famous for its many onion domes and exquisite collections of historical artifacts.

Promenade des Anglais, or the English Promenade, is a well-known site located along the Mediterranean coast. It is several kilometers long and provides an excellent view of the Mediterranean Sea. It is lined with hotels, cafes, shops, villas and restaurants, and has many areas where tourists can sit back and relax. People can enjoy different water sports or just jog and bike along the scenic shoreline.

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Le Musee Matisse de Nice, or the Matisse Museum, stands on Cimiez Hill and is home to a wide variety of great artworks by popular French artist Henri Matisse. His works from his early years  up until before his death are found here, including his world-renowned masterpieces “Woman with Amphora” and “Blue Nude IV.”

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Cours Saleya Flower Market is a big flower market located on Nice’s Cours Saleya. Tourists can enjoy this sight as buckets of colorful and exotic flowers are displayed on long tables. They can also check out antiques for sale and dine at the many cafes and restaurants in the square.

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