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Come And See Perugia Italy

by WCC on March 4, 2013

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Perugia is located in the Italian region of Umbria. Not only does it have a university that attracts a lot of foreign students, but it is also a big medieval art center with an incredibly beautiful central area as well as a jazz festival. The city is also a big and popular producer of chocolates. It is the heart of the city perched on a hilltop with a stunning view of the modern city below, while packed with Roman and Etruscan monuments. The city has a lively

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student population because of the university, whereas the university itself offers great restaurants, fun bars and great shopping, while at the same time a setting for Umbria jazz, Europe’s best jazz festival.

The city is a walled hill town that is filled with medieval and historic buildings, with Etruscan remains visible in many places. Some of the most popular historical places to visit are Underground Perugia, which features part of

the remains of a sixteenth century fortress, Porta Marzia, which is close to the fortress, is an Etruscan gate built sometime in the third century, Fontana Maggiore, which is a huge medieval fountain located between Palazzo dei Priori and the Cathedral, with sculptures of saints and prophets on it twenty-five sides and San Pieto, which is an abbey as well as a church, and filled with many works of art along with an interesting hexagon shaped bell tower.

Umbria Jazz Street View Come And See Perugia Italy

Etruscan remains can be seen in many locations and buildings within and around Perugia, including the Etruscan well built in the third century, the Etruscan Arch, which is one of the gates of the city, and remains of the huge Etruscan wall that surrounds the city. Some remains from other nations, like Rome, can also be found around the city, like the Roman city gates, the Roman wall and a fifth century Roman temple called Tempio di Sant’Agelo.

Umbria Jazz Come And See Perugia Italy

Perugia also features a number of festivals and other activities for tourists who are tired from looking at all the medieval architecture. Some of the more popular ones include the Eurochocolate, which is an annual chocolate festival that is held in the city every October, the Music Fest Perugia, which, as the name suggests, is a music fest that is held for over two weeks in the month of August and hosts as well as produces classical concerts in historical surroundings like Basilica di San Pietro, the Caio Melisso, Sala dei Notari and the Ctterdrale di San Lorenzo. These concerts are not only performed by professional who are famous all over the world, but also by their students. Apart from these, there is also the very popular Umbria Jazz, which holds a large number of concerts that can be seen with an admission fee as well as free. The concert is held in the middle of July for a week and two weekends every year, during which time, the city has a beautiful atmosphere.

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Tourists planning a vacation in Perugia can make reservations in Hotel Astor. The hotel is designed for both leisure and business travelers with its business center as well as various recreational activities. It is conveniently located near a number of popular tourist attractions including Palazzo della Penna and Museo di Palazzo della Penna. The hotel features a number of facilities and amenities that ensure the guests have a pleasant, comfortable and memorable visit.

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