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by WCC on February 2, 2012

in South America

Colombia is in South America . Neighboring countries are Venezuela , Brazil , Peru ,Ecuador and Panama . Anyone who has visited the country, will definitely come back. Colombia has so many attractions, is one of the countries with the majority of plant and animal species, has many different climate zones and you meet nice people. To look good in the country as an individual tourist cope, Spanish is important. Knowledge of English, one should not expect too much. Colombia can be well attended with a low-budget travel, because the euro has a high purchasing power.

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International airports are El Dorado in Bogotá, José María Córdoba in Medellin, Alfonso Bonilla Aragon in Cali, Rafael Nunez, Cartagena and Barranquilla Ernesto Cortissoz. Flights from Germany to go to Bogota from London (nonstop) or from other airports eg Paris, New York, Barcelona or Madrid. There are more connections via Caracas in Venezuela or Miami. The flight takes about 11-14 hours.

By car you can enter from Ecuador or Venezuela. Due to lack of roads in the border areas with Peru, Brazil and Panama is only possible to travel from there by ship. No information is available via ferry. The journey is the safest on the Ecuadorian border Tulcan / Ipiales. The border crossings to Venezuela in Maicao and Ibarra are passable by car. However, one should calculate the second-mentioned inssbesondere with many military checkpoints. These are often corrupt Venezuelan particular site and require a “Weggezoll” that occurs but usually in the single-digit dollar area.

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From Peru and Brazil can easily enter through the Amazon to Leticia. From there it comes, however, due to its location in the rainforest continue only with the flight inland. The ports of Cartagena, San Andres and Providencia are served by many cruise ships and yachts. In Barranquilla, Cartagena and Buenaventura there is also the opportunity for hard-core vacationers with cargo ships to Venezuela, Panama or Ecuador travel.

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In large parts of the country speaks very good Spanish. In the Caribbean, but are often swallowed letters. In Medellin, we use the voseo and also speaks the ll as sh. Eg “Medeschin” instead of “Medejin”. In Bogota you will find, however, a relatively pure Spanish.
In the Andes and the Amazon region is also occasionally speaks Indian languages such as Quechua and others. Leticia speaks Portunhol, a Creole from Spanish and Portuguese, because this Colombian town is so built together with the Brazilian Tabatinga.

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Colombia is 51% covered by rain forest. This allows a very large diversity of wildlife, which in turn is reflected in the Colombian cuisine. The Colombian cuisine is very regional and has influenced many differences. Exceptional dishes like roasted ants and guinea pigs are, in some regions as a delicacy – but call in the other regions produce the same head-shaking, as in Germany. But also soups and sauces based on Aji Amarillo (a Pfefferart) can often be found again. Whether beef stewed or roasted meat or chicken are popular dishes. In the regions around the sea and fish is served. This is usually cooked in coconut milk and served with Kokusnussreis. In Europe, one associates more with Colombia coffee – and the Colombians even tell you that the coffee they drink in Colombia, not so good is because of good coffee is exported completely.

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The supply of fresh fruits is overwhelming: In the supermarket, there are five different mango varieties (very small and green with lemon and salt as a snack, small for juice, … to shoe size), 6 different varieties of bananas (small, large, sweet, for cooking, frying, even after maturity (green, yellow, black) sorted) and 7 different potato varieties (yellow, pink, ping-pong ball size, and also like us) naja there and there is also a swing fruits that I did in Germany or ‘ve never seen. From these whole fruits are then made fresh fruit juices – either with water or milk. Yummy!
The main foods are Arepas (corn flour with water covered with cheese, sweet or not, with egg in it, yellow or white, fried or baked, …) and rice (which it is as an accompaniment to almost anything).

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The nightlife in Colombia has many place very much alive. All major cities of the country have great nightlife, most of which are guarded well. Colombia remains one of Cuba and Puerto Rico’s third largest country salsa. Even superstars like Shakira and Juanes come out of this Andean country, as are the rhythms of cumbia and vallenato. This can already guess what you find here at salsa clubs and libraries. Also in relation to art exhibitions, theater or concerts you can find a very wide range.Finally, are also famous painters such as Fernando Botero and writers like Garcia Marquez, Colombian.

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