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Colosseum, Rome

by WCC on April 27, 2012

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The Colosseum is the largest of the ancient Rome built amphitheater and the largest single building of ancient Rome. Built between 72 and 80 AD, it is now one of the landmarks of the city and also a testament to the high class architecture of the old Romans. The first stone amphitheater in Rome was the 29 BC under Augustus inaugurated the amphitheater of Taurus Statilius. Until its destruction by the Great Fire of Rome in 64 AD, it was on the Champ de Mars, and should not have differed significantly from the amphitheater outside of Rome.

colosseum Colosseum, Rome


After the fire was built Emperor Nero at the same location not only a wooden substitute, but also began on the southern slope of the hill, Esquiline, a new palace, the Domus Aurea. The gardens of the Domus Aurea also included the future site of the Colosseum in the valley between the hills Oppius (part of the Esquiline Hill), and Palatine. By 72, a few years after Nero’s fall, was succeeded by Vespasian returned to the field of public. There he was a few years, a new stone amphitheater built, not just Nero’s predecessor in the Campus Martius, but all existing arenas should outperform. According to a recent reconstruction of the inscription of the Colosseum from the spoils of his creation was Jewish war funding, including with the looted treasure in 70 of the Temple of Jerusalem.

The building, which was meant to be three stories high, was completed at the death of Vespasian’s almost 79. It consisted of three stacked rows of arches 80 arches. The arcades were half-columns divided: the ground floor in the Doric, the second floor of the Ionian and the third floor of the Corinthian style. At the request of Vespasian’s son Titus, the three arched floors was added a fourth floor, which is not broken by arcades, but also makes solid and broken only by the rectangular window niches. The outer walls of the Coliseum were in Roman travertine run inside, however, the cheaper brick and tuff used.

After its completion in 80, the Colosseum was the historian Cassius Dio, according opened with one hundred days of games, among others, gladiator fights, mock naval battles and animal fights where 5000 animals were killed in the arena.

colosseum at night Colosseum, Rome

colosseum at night

roman colosseum Colosseum, Rome

roman colosseum

colosseum interior Colosseum, Rome

colosseum interior

colosseum italy Colosseum, Rome

colosseum italy

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