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Coiba National Park | Panama

by WCC on March 4, 2012

in North America

Coiba National Park lies on the Pacific coast of Panama in the Gulf of Chiriquí and is named after the eponymous island, part of the national park is. Administratively, it belongs to the provinces of Veraguas and Chiriqui . In total, the National Park an area of 2,701 square kilometers with 38 other smaller islands and a large area of the Pacific, where, among other things a large coral reef is located. He is considered one of the largest marine national park. Since 2005 he is on the UNESCO world heritage list out.

coiba national park Coiba National Park | Panama

coiba national park

Originally, the park area was the cacique of Coiba , an indigenous people inhabited. Around the year 1560 it was the conquest. Panama 1918 brought the island into his possession and converted it into a penal colony for, in his weddings up to 3,000 prisoners were housed. In 1992, the foundation of the Coiba National Park was carried out to the islands then the rancheria, Jicaron, Jicarita, Canal de Afuera, Uva, among Contreras, and Pajaros Brincanco. In its present size of the national park in 2001 by HL Freidi Torres declared.

coiba Coiba National Park | Panama


coiba national park fauna Coiba National Park | Panama

coiba national park fauna

coiba national park beach Coiba National Park | Panama

coiba national park beach

Prior to about 12000-15000 years ago, the island of Coiba was separated from the mainland, could subsequently develop there a number of species isolated as an endemic species or subspecies. In Coiba live 147 species of birds. Endemic is among other things, a subspecies of Rotkappenspechts Melanerpes rubricapillus subfusculus . Of the mammal species, for example, apply the Coiba Island agouti, the Coiba Island howler monkey or a subspecies of Südopossums and the white-tailed deer as endemic. The number of plant species is estimated at about 1,450. The maritime areas of the national parks are characterized by an extraordinary biodiversity. Among the estimated 760 species of fish include 23 whale – and dolphin species and 33 species of sharks .

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