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Ciudad del Este

by WCC on June 9, 2012

in South America

Ciudad del Este is a city of extreme eastern Paraguay, capital of the department of Alto Paraná, located 327 km from the capital, Asuncion. For its population and its economic development, is the second largest city of Paraguay, with 396 091 inhabitants, and its metropolitan area with over 800 000 inhabitants. Part of the area known as the Triple Frontier, where contact with the Paraguayan sovereignty of Brazil, in Foz do Iguaçu-and to the sovereignty of Argentina, in Puerto Iguazu.

Ciudad del Este Paraguay Ciudad del Este

Ciudad del Este Paraguay

The main access roads to the city are The Road N ° 7 “Dr. Gaspar Rodriguez de Francia” that runs east to west, and unites with Coronel Oviedo , where you take Route 2 if you want to reach Asuncion , and the Route 6 “Juan León Mallorquín” connects with Incarnation . A paved road to the north, called super-highway, connects Ciudad del Este with Salto del Guaira , capital of the Department of Canindeyú. The Friendship Bridge over the Parana River joins Ciudad del Este with Foz de Iguazu , Brazil.

Ciudad del Este Street Downtown Ciudad del Este

Ciudad del Este Street Downtown

Ciudad del Este Ciudad del Este

Ciudad del Este

Ciudad del Este Activity Ciudad del Este

Ciudad del Este Activity

The city has a bus terminal that is responsible for receiving and interconnecting medium distance buses from the capital and provincial towns. The Guarani International Airport is the pricipal air communication and second largest airport in the country, after Silvio Pettirossi Airport , is located 20 minutes from downtown. The airport offers daily flights to Asuncion , Sao Paulo and Buenos Aires .

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