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Chocolate Hills, Philippines

by WCC on March 16, 2012

in Asia

The Chocolate Hills are an unusual geological formation, the most important sights of the Philippine island of Bohol is one.are total to the formation in 1268 almost perfectly hemispherical or cone-shaped hills of about the same height and size, spread over an area of more than 50 square kilometers. They are all covered with green grass only which turn brown during the dry season, giving the hill its name.

Chocolate Hills Philippines 550x366 Chocolate Hills, Philippines

Chocolate Hills Philippines

As the most famous tourist attraction of Bohol mapped the Chocolate Hills are both on the flag and the seal of the island province and are common to the natural attractions to offer Bohol. They found a hand in the official list of tourist destinations Philippines, the Philippine Tourism Authority’s list  and was also the third National Geological Monument (dt: national geological monument) of the country named. They are also to be included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage proposed.

Long before the sandy beaches of the island of Bohol’s Chocolate Hills were as a major tourist destination of Bohol as well as throughout the Philippines. For this reason, the Chocolate Hills were from the Philippine government’s “flagship tourist destinations” (flagship of the tourist destinations) chosen. From the hills in 1268, two at a tourist resort developed.  The first is located in the municipality of Carmen and is part of the Barangay Buenos Aires, just a few minutes away from the center of. The younger of the two is called Sagbayan Peak and is a part of the village Sagbayan .

The view station in Carmen, about 55 km from Tagbilaran City and 5 km from the town of Carmen, is shown as a government owned and managed houses a plant called Chocolate Hills Complex .  The Chocolate Hills Complex has a restaurant, a hostel with a swimming pool and an observation deck that covered at a height of 210 m with a view of the hills, surrounded permitted area. A total of 214 steps leads to the observation area, which was itself built on a conical hill of  and a 360 ° panoramic view of the environment permits. The entire Chocolate Hills Complex has been embedded in a total of two of the hills.

Another way to look at the Chocolate Hills to throw offers on the Sagbayan Peak , a mountain resort in the village of Sagbayan about 75 km north-west of Tagbilaran City and 18 km from Carmen. allowed Here is a platform on an elevated ridge an unobstructed view of the Chocolate Hills. In clear weather you can from here, even over the sea to Cebu City to see.

chocolate hills photo 550x377 Chocolate Hills, Philippines

chocolate hills photo

Chocolate Hills Closeup 550x412 Chocolate Hills, Philippines

Chocolate Hills Closeup

chocolate hills 550x366 Chocolate Hills, Philippines

Chocolate Hills

Chocolate Hills 550x412 Chocolate Hills, Philippines

Chocolate Hills

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