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Chinatown, Singapore

by WCC on March 23, 2012

in Asia

Chinatown is an area in the south of Singapore . This area as the name is the Chinatowns in the country. Among the famous places in the area of Chinatown is the People’s Park where there are shopping centers and goods offered price is very cheap.

chinatown 550x412 Chinatown, Singapore


In Chinese , Chinatown is known as Niu che sui ¬†which literally means “bullock cart water”. This area’s name in the Malay language is also similar, namely “Kreta Ayer”.

chinese lanterns chinatown singapore 550x412 Chinatown, Singapore

chinese lanterns chinatown singapore

chinatown singapore 550x370 Chinatown, Singapore

chinatown singapore

chinatown restaurant 550x412 Chinatown, Singapore

chinatown restaurant

chinatown festival 550x412 Chinatown, Singapore

chinatown festival

chinatown building 550x309 Chinatown, Singapore

chinatown building

pin it button Chinatown, Singapore

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