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by WCC on February 2, 2012

in South America

Chile is a country in South America . It stretches along the Pacific coast of North-South direction. Neighboring countries are Peru , Bolivia and Argentina .
Chile is administratively divided into 13 regions, including X. Los Lagos region . These are numbered from north to south. The Metropolitan Region of Santiago, the capital, between the 5th and 6th Region located is not numbered 13th Region.

General can be divided into Chile the following landscapes:

  • The great north – the vast desert areas in the north (Altiplano, Atacama)
  • The small north – the semi-desert areas of Los Vilos to about the Rio Copiapo
  • Central Chile with a Mediterranean climate – The capital region and the regions north and south of
  • The small south – the lakes region, the cold rain forests of Puerto Montt, the archipelago of Chiloe
  • The great south – approximately from Puerto Aisen to Tierra del Fuego
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A further breakdown is given by the Andes, which traverse completely Chile from north to south. The great longitudinal valley and the eastern Cordillera. The great longitudinal valley slopes down continuously and completely disappears south of Puerto Montt in the sea, while the Küstenkordilliere forms the chains of islands and fjords along the coast.

The major international airport of Santiago Arturo Merino Benitez (AMB, airport code = SCL) is actually by almost all major airlines and the same cooperation has flights daily. The best way is the way with a line of “Oneworld” alliance (eg, LAN Chile, Iberia). As for domestic flights with LAN Chile is sometimes closed his one eye during excess baggage, there is also a possible additional price is worth it.
Recommended flights from Germany to Madrid, Rio or Buenos Aires (about 18h) are. Swiss International Airlines flies daily from Zurich without change (with a stopover in Sao Paolo) to SCL. Flights over the USA for example, with United Airlines or Delta Air contrast, take a long time (30h), but have the advantage that it may take more than twice as much luggage (2 pieces each 23 kg plus hand luggage).

santiago chile Chile

Besides there are still offering LAN Chile, Aerolineas del Sur and Sky Airlines, the domestic flights. They are usually slightly cheaper than LAN but you should still always compare all three airlines together. Cheap deals are for eg 1 € it never happened. It is, however, the sooner you book, the cheaper you fly (apart from last minute offers). 20-40 € for domestic flights are easy to get.

The trains, especially on the main route from Santiago south to Temuco . Since the beginning of January and the last section of the railway line is from Temuco toPuerto Montt , which was in the earthquake in the 60s severely affected, restored. Currently, even Valdivia are reconnected to the rail network.
In the metropolitan areas of Santiago de Chile , Valparaíso / Viña del Mar and Concepción / Talcahuano operate modern suburban trains.

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In the north there is still only one passenger service from Calama to Uyuni in Bolivia, the Bolivian by the Empresa Ferroviaria Andina SA is served, but is set at the time.
The Colchagua Valley at the weekend moves the Tren del Vino, a pretty tourist heritage railway, from San Fernando Santa Cruz.

The official language is Spanish. However, in Chile often syllables and endings “swallowed”, that is not spoken or not clear. In addition, there are many expressions (modisms), which are used only in Chile. The agreement is therefore not very easy for people in the Spanish language are not secure enough.
There are also languages of the indigenous minorities such as the Mapuche, who, however, when traveling through the country are not important, since these Minorities also speak Spanish.
Most Chileans do not speak English, but in the capital Santiago, there are many younger, who are quite good at English.

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There is also a small proportion Chileans, especially in the middle and upper classes who speak German as their ancestors have come (usually several generations ago) from Germany and / or because they have learned during one of many “German schools” German.

Until a few years, the menus looked at Chilean restaurants from very monotonous. There were beef (lomo), chicken (pollo) or fish (pescado). Everything and usually without sauce from the pan or the oven. As side dishes were mostly just rice, french fries, salad or mashed potatoes for easier selection. In better restaurants, particularly at sea, there were additional seafood as an appetizer.

Since about the year 2000, but takes place in the Chilean cuisine is a fundamental change. More and more young chefs discover the wealth of the country on different ingredients, especially the incredible variety of fish and other marine animals, of fruits and vegetables. They begin to experiment with the ingredients very stylish and develop from typical Chilean ingredients very tasty and imaginative creations. Easy loans from the European cuisine, particularly Italian and French are to recognize, but it is not copied. As good as always, remains the typical “Chilean grade” receive. In particular, the capital of Santiago is located in an exciting culinary stage, but also in the province, the trend is away from the formerly ubiquitous’ Lomo con arroz “(rice with beef) clearly felt.

Rounding out this positive trend by the fact that really traditional Chilean dishes, which were previously found only rarely in restaurants, but only on festive occasions in private circles were on the table, have found their way into the restaurant. The preparation is often very complex, so there are now some restaurants that are dedicated exclusively by way of traditional Chilean cuisine.

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Among the traditional dishes is primarily the “Empanada”, a pastry that is filled with either cheese and fried, or comes with a filling of meat, onions, egg and olives from the oven. Empanadas are also sometimes found with seafood. Empanadas are usually served as appetizers. Other traditional dishes include: Escabechado Conejo (braised rabbit), carne asada (grilled beef), pastel de choclo (corn casserole with meat filling) or Humitas (corn dumplings in corn leaf). Recurrent typical ingredients include: Palta (avocado), cilantro (coriander), Zapallo (a pumpkin), Alcachofas (artichokes), Apio (celery), Aji (a paste of chilli and garlic), Pebre (a sauce made of lemon juice, oil, tomato, onion, parsley, green chillies and coriander), Congrio (Conger, very tasty), Centolla (king crab), Macha (a shellfish), Jaibas (a type of cancer), Locos (a sea snail), erizos (sea urchin).

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