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Chicago, United States of America

by WCC on March 16, 2012

in North America

Chicago is a city in Illinois. The city’s name is of indigenous origin, the area of ​​present-day Chicago was “Checagou” quoted, but probably translated ‘wild onion’ means. A plant that was here to meet very often. Chicago is located in a marshy area, which was first inhabited by Haitian travelers in the 1770s. Among the pioneer Jean-Baptiste Point du Sable (a colored settlers from Haiti) 1772 was the first trading post for fur at this point. After the Revolutionary War in 1803 the fort was built in Dearborn (the outlines are visible in the pavement at the intersection of Wabash and Michigan Avenue in the north-east of the loop). The beginnings of the settlement are in a trading point between trappers and settlers. With the accession to the United States, Illinois, 1818, the city became an important location for the fur trade. In 1837 the city was officially founded.

chicago Chicago, United States of America


With the completion of the Illinois-Michigan Canal in 1848 began the revival of Chicago. The convenient location made Chicago the slaughterhouse of the United States. In parallel, the steel industry has developed into a major economic factor that attracted many immigrants. Around 1870 were approximately 50% of Chicago residents immigrants, the largest groups came from Germany, Ireland, Bohemia and Scandinavia.

Chicago has a humid continental climate. In addition, the city is also called “Windy City” (Eng. “Windy City” or “City of the Wind”) called. The wind comes from its location on Lake Michigan, which hunts from time to time, strong winds on the coast. The city is also known for its sudden weather changes. The winter is very cold for comparison to Germany, often covered with snow and an icy wind is blowing. Blizzards can also be an issue. In summer it is hot in comparison to Germany. Dry weather conditions keep the balance with muggy weather. Temperatures are usually 26-35 degrees in the daytime and 16-23 degrees at night.

chicago stadium Chicago, United States of America

chicago stadium

chicago river Chicago, United States of America

chicago river

chicago millenium park Chicago, United States of America

chicago millenium park

The main attractions in the city of Chicago are very good with buses and subways to reach and driving is not recommended. Parking in downtown Chicago daily cost up to $ 40, depending on the demand for parking. These private parking spaces are clearly signposted. Otherwise like to search for a parking meter (about $ 1 per hour).

Since America is a melting pot of cultures, there are many different cuisines. There are many Mexican, Indian and Chinese restaurants. One should enjoy the variety. However, many restaurants are on a chain, which reduces the quality is not necessarily. Those interested in typical Chicago pleasures will not get around on the omnipresent Chicago-style hot dogs, just as the Chicago Style Deep Dish or Stuffed Pizza and a good steak – there is no place in the U.S. with better steaks claim ( at least the Chicago). The best way to get around the densely packed restaurant area (between Michigan Avenue in the East, LaSalle Street on the west, Division Street to the north and the Chicago River in the south) on foot. Like everywhere else one must set this to the long waiting times and a reserved table takes nearly 30 minutes.

chicago illinois1 Chicago, United States of America

chicago illinois

chicago city Chicago, United States of America

chicago city

One should avoid the southern suburbs of Chicago, or at least inquire about the situation before you go there. Every day about one or two people murdered in Chicago, say the statistics. However, these are often residents of poor neighborhoods in the South but also in the West. Neighborhoods like Englewood, Garfield Park and Lawndale are not harmless. The rest of Chicago, I’ve experienced as a very safe if you follow the usual practice in Europe. If one does not exist a situation or a place safe, you should turn better. From an American self-defense teacher However, I have learned that they – should they be attacked – should be careful. Since firearms are distributed in the U.S., it is possible that one is injured in a fight.

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