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Chester, England

by WCC on May 21, 2012

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Chester is a town in north west England, close to the border with Wales. The historic county town of Cheshire, and the administrative center of the unitary authority Cheshire West and Chester is located north of the River Dee and is one of the best preserved walled cities in the country. The population is 77,040 (as of 2006).

chester park Chester, England

chester park

Chester is about 2,000 years old (dating from this time parts of the city walls). It was during the time of the Roman Deva or Castra Devana called. As the fort for the Legio XX Valeria Victrix Chester was certainly in a loop of the Dee , the harbor and as a defense against the Celtic Welsh was used. Chester at the time was the most important city in England and an important market and trading center, among other things, for the cheese of the region, which still represents an important economic factor. Many relics of the Roman period have been preserved to our time, including the military, which regulates the water level of the river, the ‘Cross’, come together at the four main roads and other indications of time strictly systematic layout of the town, the remains of a hypocaust below many shops and a half amphitheater (which is built over the second half). After the retreat of the Romans extended and strengthened the Anglo-Saxons the walls to the city from the attacks of the Danes to protect.

In 1938 they built a new gate for reasons of traffic, the Newgate. Towards the end of World War II, a great shortage of affordable housing was felt in Chester. It was built so modern suburbs, the city and the University College Chester Chester surrounded almost entirely owned by the student quarter. In the 1960s, replaced the slums, and a number of concrete and steel structures by four large residential towers that are in some contradiction to the previously dominant picturesque village. Currently playing is the care of the tourist image of the city in the foreground, a “renaissance” Chester is envisioned.

chester england Chester, England

chester england

Chester Clock Chester, England

chester clock

chester city Chester, England

chester city

chester Chester, England


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