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by WCC on March 16, 2012

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Ceuta – is a 18.5 km ² (7.1 sq miles) autonomous city of Spain, an enclave on the northern coast of North Africa, surrounded by Morocco. Separated from the Iberian Peninsula by the Strait of Gibraltar, Ceuta lies on the border between the Mediterranean and Atlantic. Ceuta and Melilla are the Spanish enclave, the only other Spanish possessions on the African continent. It was available as part of the province of Cadiz 14th March 1995, when the Statute of Autonomy was adopted city.

ceuta city Ceuta

ceuta city

Ceuta (such as Melilla) was a free port before Spain joined the European Union. In 2008, it has a population of 75 276. Its population consists of Christians, Muslims (mainly Moroccan Arabic), and small minorities of Jews and Hindus. Spanish is the official language.

Morocco had already called for negotiations on the future of Ceuta, Melilla and a number of Mediterranean islands and enclaves that border. The majority of the population of the city are ethnically Spanish Who are the idea of ​​Morocco ruled against it. A survey by the Instituto Opina found that 87.9% regarded the Spanish mainland, the two cities to be Spanish.

Since 1995, Ceuta, Melilla, one of the two autonomous cities of Spain. The Moroccan government has repeatedly called for the sovereignty of Spain, Ceuta and Melilla, along uninhabited islands, such as the islands of Alhucemas, Velez and parsley Iceland, comparisons with the right to transfer land from Spain to Gibraltar.

ceuta city spot Ceuta

ceuta city spot

In both cases reject the national governments and the local population from the disputed territories such allegations by a large majority. The Spanish position is that both Ceuta and Melilla are part of the Spanish state, and have since the 16th Century, centuries before the independence of Morocco in France in 1956, while Gibraltar, as a British territory overseas, and was never part of the United Kingdom. In addition, Ceuta was under Christian rule (in Spanish or Portuguese) for a period longer than the big cities of mainland Spain such as Malaga, Granada and Almeria, and has since been before the founding of the Spanish State in 1475th Morocco denies the allegations and claimed that the Spanish presence in Ceuta and the other presidios on the coast, a relic of the colonial past, which should be completed. However, the UN list of territories, it should not be without self-rule areas, the Spanish territories in order to be colonies, when he says Gibraltar as a non-decolonized territory.

ceuta at night Ceuta

ceuta at night

ceuta road at night Ceuta

ceuta road at night

ceuta peninsula Ceuta

ceuta peninsula

ceuta nuevo puente Ceuta

ceuta nuevo puente

ceuta church Ceuta

ceuta church

ceuta building Ceuta

ceuta building

ceuta chart Ceuta

ceuta chart

ceuta from above Ceuta

ceuta from above

ceuta map Ceuta

ceuta map

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