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Cayman Islands

by WCC on February 29, 2012

in North America

Cayman Islands are an archipelago in the Caribbean and British Overseas Territory of the United Kingdom. Cayman is one of the most expensive but also most advanced and safest tourist destinations in the Caribbean and worldwide known as a diver’s paradise.¬†British Airways has four flights a week from up to London-Heathrow to Owen Roberts International Airport on Grand Cayman. All major U.S. airlines offer connecting flights to Grand Cayman in North America via their respective hubs. The small airport on Cayman Brac will be flown in from Miami and Tampa.

cayman islands Cayman Islands

cayman islands

The summit of a submarine mountain range, according to the Cuba -reaching Cayman Ridge , which form the archipelago. Owe their name to Island living here lizard species , the one beginning with crocodiles was confused. The archipelago consists of three islands: Grand Cayman , Little Cayman and Cayman Brac and is approximately 350 km south of Cuba . The islands are spread over an area of approximately 262 square kilometers, with Grand Cayman with 197 square kilometers occupies the majority. In the north of the island of Grand Cayman is located between Rum Point and Conch Point, the 80 sq km Bay North Sound . The bay is shallow, with depths of usually 1.8 to 3.8 meters.

Above all, the main island of Grand Cayman is known for its reefs. The underwater world around the island is a special tourist attraction, which is extensively protected since 1978 by several laws.¬†Among the attractions of the capital Georgetown include the bell tower of King George V , the Legislative Assembly , the Courts Building , and the General Post Office . On the waterfront shows the Cayman Maritime Treasure Museum and various exhibits. Furthermore, in McKee’s museum treasures from shipwrecks 16-17. Century to admire.

cayman islands beach Cayman Islands

cayman islands beach

Georgetown is also the preferred place for duty-free shopping: International luxury goods and jewelry, in some local materials, such as black corals , are incorporated, are here to buy cheap. Another specialty of the islands is the rum cake, which is manufactured by different vendors and has grown in recent years become one of the most successful export products.

cayman islands vacation Cayman Islands

cayman islands vacation

cayman islands travel Cayman Islands

cayman islands travel

In Bodden Town, the former capital of the archipelago, lies the cave system Pirate’s Cave , in the 18th Century pirate refuge and get protection. Rum Point in the north of the island offers typical Caribbean flair. On the sandy bank “Stingray City” live semi-tame stingrays (southern stingrays), you can feed them. The Cayman Turtle Farm at Northwest Point is the only of its kind with green turtles .

Prior to Cayman Brac since 1996, is a sunken Russian warship, the renamed MV Capt. Keith Tibbetts , four-deck guns. It is the only explorable by diving Russian warship in the Western Hemisphere.
The smallest of the islands, Little Cayman is one of the last unspoiled places in the Caribbean with one of the largest rock gardens in the region for pelicans and cormorants , it is also one of the best areas in the western world for salmon fishing.

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