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Kyoto, once the capital city of Japan, as well as the residence of the emperor from 794 till 1868, is now the seventh largest city in Japan. The city has suffered through much, numerous fires and of course World War II have taken much from this great city, considering all of this, historically there is much to see here.  There are a large number of shrines, temples and other historic structures that have survived the years, of all the cities in Japan, Kyoto is certainly among the richest both architecturally and historically.

Kyoto is divided into several districts like Central, Western, Eastern, North and South Kyoto. Each district features something unique and interesting for the tourist to see. Although the first impression of the city is that of an

1024x768 Kyoto Japan Kyoto Japan, Beautifully Historical

urban sprawl located mostly in central Kyoto, with its modern steel and glass train, the tourists will also come across Kyoto’s hidden beauty in its many temples and various parks, indicating the city has much more to offer than what first meets the eye.

The main attraction of Kyoto for most tourists is its imperial palace and villas. The four most popular sites are the Imperial Palace, Sento Imperial Palace, located in central Kyoto, Katsura Imperial Villa, which is located in

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Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands and country’s largest city, is also its creative, cultural and financial center. The city offers something for the taste of every traveler, whether its culture and history projected in its world-famous museums and architecture or simple relaxing charm with its beautiful canals that crisscross the city.

1920x1080 Amsterdam on the Water Amsterdam, the Heart of the Netherlands

The city of Amsterdam is divided into various districts, the most visited of which is the old district, which is famous for its canals, traditional architecture, shopping as well as a multitude of coffee shops. The other districts in the city offer their own unique places to explore. Tourists can exploring the relaxing and intriguing botanical gardens and Artis zoo in the Plantage district, or take a stroll in the charming and vast suburban Old West district,

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