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Europe is the second-smallest continent of the world, covering an area of 10.18 million square kilometers, which is only 6.8% of the Earth’s land surface or 2% of the total area. It is made up of 50 countries and has a population of 739.2 million.

Europe, which is one of the two continents that make up the super continent Eurasia, is bounded by the Arctic Ocean to its north, the Mediterranean Sea to its south, the Atlantic Ocean to its west, and the Black Sea to its southeast. Its border with Asia includes the Ural River, the Black Sea, the Caspian Sea, the Ural Mountain, and the Caucasus Mountain.

Western culture is believed to have originated in Europe, specifically in Ancient Greece. Europe was the place of several important historical events, such as the World War I from 1914 until 1918, the World War II from 1939 until 1945), the Cold War from 1947 until 1991, and the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991. It continues to play an influential role in today’s worldwide affairs.

Majority of the languages spoken in Europe are of the Indo-European languages origin. These are classified into several branches that include Albanian, Baltic, Germanic, Greek, Romance, and Slavic. Other notable branches are the Uralic, Hungarian, Estonian, Finnish, Turkic, Mongolic, Kartvelian, North Caucasian, Baltese, and Semitic languages.

Europe is divided into sub-regions: Western Europe, which include the countries Belgium, France, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, and the United Kingdom; Eastern Europe, which is made up of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Viro, Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Romania, and Ukraine; Southern Europe, which consists of Albania, Andorra, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Croatia, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Macedonia, Malta, Monaco, Montenegro, Portugal, San Marino, Serbia, Spain, Turkey, and Vatican City; Central Europe, which includes Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Liechtenstein, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Switzerland; and the Nordic Region, where Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark belong to.

Come And See Perugia Italy

by WCC on March 4, 2013

in Europe

Perugia is located in the Italian region of Umbria. Not only does it have a university that attracts a lot of foreign students, but it is also a big medieval art center with an incredibly beautiful central area as well as a jazz festival. The city is also a big and popular producer of chocolates. It is the heart of the city perched on a hilltop with a stunning view of the modern city below, while packed with Roman and Etruscan monuments. The city has a lively

Perugia Come And See Perugia Italy
Photo Posted Via Wikimedia Commons

student population because of the university, whereas the university itself offers great restaurants, fun bars and great shopping, while at the same time a setting for Umbria jazz, Europe’s best jazz festival.

The city is a walled hill town that is filled with medieval and historic buildings, with Etruscan remains visible in many places. Some of the most popular historical places to visit are Underground Perugia, which features part of

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Life in Lisbon Portugal

by WCC on February 18, 2013

in Europe

After Athens, Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, is Europe’s second-largest city. The city is built on a series of steep hills that overlook the Rio Tejo and other scenic vistas visible from all directions. Lisbon is Portugal’s star attraction that offers all the delights expected from Europe’s most captivating, soulful and picturesque capitals.

The city of Lisbon is one of the world’s greatest historical cities. It is filled with majestic monasteries and Gothic cathedrals. For the tourists looking for a more overwhelming taste of history, visiting Belem, a monument

1680x1050 Lisbon Castle Life in Lisbon Portugal

packed neighborhood is a must. The neighborhood features Belem Tower, Monument to the Discoveries, a well concealed subway for pedestrians, Coach Museum, which houses the world’s largest collection of royal coaches

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Selva di Val Gardena, Italy

February 8, 2013

Selva is a ski area in Val Gardena, hence the name Selva di Val Gardena. Val Gardena itself is a 25km long valley of Val d’Isarco and is located north-west of the summits of the dolomites. It stretches from the Sella mountain range to Ponte Gardena and Passo Sella and Gardena. The place boats a […]

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Seaside Riccione, Italy

February 7, 2013

Riccione is located in the east side of Italy and is a well known for its beautiful resorts. It is close to the Roman city of Rimini, where tourists can find many ancient places like the August Arch and Tiberio Bridge. The city is also located near a famous food exporting region called Emilia Romagna. […]

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The Mystery of Istanbul

February 6, 2013

Istanbul is Turkey’s most populated city as well as its financial and cultural center. It is a narrow strait between the Marmara Sea and the Black Sea, where it culturally and physically bridges Asia and Europe. The population is estimated to be the largest in Europe. It was also an European Culture capitals in 2010. […]

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Romantic Verona Italy

February 5, 2013

A city that is in the north-eastern part of Italy’s Veneto, Verona is a popular destination with tourists looking for a romantic getaway. The city is most famous as Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet’s hometown. Tourists generally flock to the city in hopes of spending either a romantic or a more relaxed and pleasant time. The […]

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