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Casablanca City of Morocco

by WCC on February 8, 2012

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Casablanca City of Morocco – Casablanca is the city of Morocco with the most economic activities. Largest city and economic capital of Morocco, Casablanca (5 million) is undoubtedly the city’s westernmost country.

casablanca morocco Casablanca City of Morocco
casablanca morocco

Its charm is radically different from that of the imperial cities like Fes and Marrakech. Located on the former site of anfa then became a stopover Portuguese and Spanish, Casablanca, was built by the French in the first half of the twentieth century. It remains an art-deco architecture.

Getting to Casablanca
By plane
By Mohammed V airport located 25 km south of the city. Opportunity to take the train from the airport to downtown through the stations of Bouskoura, Nassim, Faculties, Oasis, Mers Sultan, Casa travelers and Ain Sbaa terminus of the train. Average for 35 Dh. (But is not available at all hours.) The small taxi ride costs about Dh 250.
Mohammed V airport taxi to Marrakech : Taximarrakchi Service is open 24 h/24 7 days / 7 for transfers between the Mohammed V airport and your accommodation in Marrakech. Home with sign at the exit of travelers.

By train
The city of Casablanca has two main stations (Casa Voyageurs and Casa Port), located near the city center. There are also other stations lower magnitudes, such as Oasis, Ain Sebaa, Enassim, Faculties, Seltan Seas, The ai-report, Bouskoura.
A direct and regular is set up between Casablanca (mainly Casa Port) and Rabat, with an average frequency of 30 min. Other regular services are also provided with the main cities.
Tickets available at stations and on trains (bring extra). Reservations by phone (090 Ketary of ONCF 20 30 40).

casablanca morocco mosque Casablanca City of Morocco
casablanca morocco mosque
casablanca morocco beach Casablanca City of Morocco
casablanca morocco beach

By bus
If you are a fan of the landscape, the bus is probably the best way to move. All locations are possible with very reasonable prices. Be careful though the type of companies used the cheapest vehicles are driving in poor condition.

By bus
The trip costs 4 dirhams and must buy a ticket if correspondance.Sur some companies, the comfort is absent and the condition of the bus is catastrophic. Avoid at all costs the company Hana bus , take the bus preferably M’dina bus . Vehicles M’dina bus belonged to the RATP, they were sold to M’dina bus because of their too high floor which was no longer standard in France. Their comfort is adequate, some still contain signs of the RATP (the five rules of good travel) No information about timetables, destinations and itineraries are available at bus stops. So it is best to check with passengers waiting for buses. For a given line number, all bus companies follow the same route.
The bus remains the preferred means of transportation for many Casablancais who want to avoid daily traffic jams of the city, especially during peak hours and do not afford to take taxis.

By taxi
There are two kinds of taxis: small taxis (red), metered and whose minimum cost of a trip is 7 days during the DH, Dh 10 at night, otherwise the big taxis (white), that have fixed routes like buses and have 6 seats on board (6DH) a common transport means.

Traffic in Casablanca has its own style. Pedestrians cross more or less anywhere, pedestrian crossings are observed just before a red light. A pedestrian or driver has not yet picked up the pace of traffic will be tripling careful. Pay close attention to “taxis, red and white buses as” real speeders to other drivers. All small taxis are metered in working order. If an unscrupulous driver, it’s rare but it exists, does not start, or change insist the taxi. . Remember that it is very rare to go shopping more than 25 DH.

What to see in Casablanca
The Hassan II Mosque – Located on the ocean, is the third largest in the world after Mecca and Medina. It was conceived by King Hassan II and was funded under duress by all Moroccans. Millions of Moroccans, sometimes very small, proudly display a certificate in their interior serving as a receipt for the money they paid for the construction of the mosque. It is open to visitors, including non-Muslims. Tour, Dh 120 (1100 Dh for the VIP tour) every two hours starting at 9 am, free entry just before the hour of prayer. We must remove their shoes to go inside, lined with traditional carpets. The photos are allowed. Warning: no visits on Friday! Day of the big weekly prayer where the crowds of faithful breaks records.

Medina – Much less ancient, and far less extensive than its cousins ​​of Moroccan cities, is located near the station, the harbor and the Hassan II Mosque. Feel free to negotiate your purchases.

Casa Art Deco – The Moorish styles and art deco dominated the entire city center of Casablanca, including urban planning was designed by the French in the 30s, giving the city, also very aesthetic buildings, an architectural coherence to all remarkable fact, which certainly deserves a walk.

The Habous – Also called “new town”, the Endowments are a medina built around the same time by the French. Very neat in appearance, neighborhood based, is far from the bustle of traditional Moroccan medinas.

The Boulevard Hassan II, may be eaten at 20 dirhams (€ 2) roast chicken or Moroccan tagine.
For lovers of fish, “restaurants” on the edge in the market and the city center, you will also find the best fish and seafood restaurant in the port of Casablanca (a bit expensive for the level of Moroccan life but remains but affordable). Italian food is popular in Morocco, where a wide selection of Italian restaurant: Luigi Street Normandy. The wood oven, root area. the toscana, root area. oriental atmosphere (dinner + orchestra): the spindle, the magnum (Bir Anzarane Boulevard)

casablanca morocco map Casablanca City of Morocco
casablanca morocco map
casablanca morocco city Casablanca City of Morocco
casablanca morocco city
casablanca morocco landscape Casablanca City of Morocco
casablanca morocco landscape

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