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Cape Breton Island

by WCC on February 16, 2012

in North America

The Cape Breton Island is an island in the Atlantic Ocean and is part of the Canadian province of Nova Scotia . It is through the Strait of Canso separated from the mainland neuschottländischen, but connected to it by a road causeway heaped 1955. At the end there is a bridge that connects the Port Hawkesbury with the sea.

cape breton island Cape Breton Island

cape breton island

The Cape Breton Island is located east-northeast of the mainland and is bordered to its north and west coasts of the St. Lawrence Gulf and the west coast forms the eastern boundary of the Northumberland Strait . The island is 10,311 km ² and consists of a rocky coast, hilly grasslands, glacial valleys and mountains and plateaus. The landscape of Cape Breton Island is the Bras d’Or Lakes system and the Cape Breton Highlands , dominated the latter is probably an offshoot of the Appalachian Mountains . Add to this the Lake Ainslie , the Margaree River system and the flow- Mira River and numerous small rivers and streams.

Since 1955, the Cape Breton Island by the Canso Causeway , a causeway to the mainland. The main port is traditionally Sydney on the east coast. The large ferries from Newfoundland to run North Sydney to, other ports are located in Point Edward and Port Hawkesbury . By rail, the island over the Canso Causeway to be achieved, the main streets of the Trans-Canada Highway and the Cabot Trail . Economically the island lived a long time by the coal mining and steel production, both industries are in decline. Received increasing emphasis in recent decades for the tourism and the music industry.

cape breton island falls Cape Breton Island

cape breton island falls

Was under French colonial rule was originally developed by the Indians of the Mi’kmaq tribe lived in Cape Breton Island Ile Royale . The settlement by French colonists began in the 17th Century. Capital was the 1758 of the British troops under Jeffrey Amherst and James Wolfe captured and dismantled in the coming years fortress town of Louisbourg , whose reconstruction has become a main attraction of the island. Came after the conquest of many British, especially Scottish settlers at the Cape Breton Island. These mainly include 50,000 Highland Scots, the so-called because of the Highland Clearances were forced from their homes. Their descendants dominate the island and its culture to this day.

cape breton island travel Cape Breton Island

cape breton island travel

Their Celtic language was for many decades the most spoken language on the island, but today is a few relics almost completely extinguished. A community college near the city at the beginning of Intigonish Capot Trail, however, teaches Celtic language today. Other immigrants came from the USA (from where displaced Loyalists ), Ireland , Italy and Eastern Europe. Settlement focus was the most economically developed eastern part of the island to Sydney. Today, English is the most commonly spoken language, but also live on French, Gaelic and the language of the Mi’kmaq.

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