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Canterbury, England

by WCC on May 25, 2012

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Canterbury (from Old English Cantwaraburig for “castle (or city, place) of the people of Kent”, lat. Cantuaria of date by the Germans Kanter mountain or Kantelberg) is a university town with a population of 42,258 (2001). It lies on the River Stour in the county of Kent in southeast England and is the seat of the Archbishop of Canterbury and the center of the Anglican Church of England.

canterbury Canterbury, England


Canterbury is the legend after 900 BC by Rudilibas and created by the ancient Britons Caerther or Caerkent have been (City of Kent) called. From 43 AD, in its place the Roman Durovernum Cantiacorum (Roman: duro = “Fort”, verno = “swamp”), which became an administrative center and the largest amphitheater possessed Britain, from AD 200 AD was the city surrounded by walls. Athelberht of Kent, AD, from the 568th reigned, Canterbury made ​​it his residence and called it Cantwarabyrig.

After crossing the Anglo-Saxons to Christianity, the city was the seat of the Archbishop-Primate, spiritual leader of the Church of England and the Anglican Communion. The Archbishops of Canterbury have been the breaking of Henry VIII with Rome by King (later British royal intended).

The Canterbury Cathedral is built in the form of an archbishop’s double cross from east to west and has a length of 160 meters as well as in its two transepts a width of 48 and 40 meters. The oldest part was built in 1070 is the crypt. The church building is the burial place of King Henry IV of England and Edward of Woodstock, the “Black Prince”. Her greatest fame, however, arises from the murder of Thomas Becket in 1170. His long-vanished shrine was up to the Reformation, which attracts thousands of pilgrims, such as Geoffrey Chaucer, his Canterbury Tales, wrote 1387th.

canterbury river Canterbury, England

canterbury river

canterbury england Canterbury, England

canterbury england

canterbury city Canterbury, England

canterbury city

 Canterbury, England

canterbury cathedral

canterbury castle Canterbury, England

canterbury castle

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