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Cancun – Mexico

by WCC on March 20, 2012

in North America

Cancun is a city on the coast of the peninsula of Yucatán, located in the administrative district of Benito Juarez in the extreme northeast of the state of Quintana Roo in the southeastern part of Mexico. Cancun is the center of the resort area, Riviera Maya and has around 880,000 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2007). The city is particularly suitable as a tourist destination known worldwide. The name can Cún means in the language of the Mayan “snake pit” (the name is also often derived from “pot of gold”).

cancun Cancun   Mexico


The crest of Cancun is a reminder of the roots of the city, which in the Mayan culture lie. The form is based on the ring, in the pelota game of Maya served as the gateway. The colors blue, beige and red symbolizing the sea, the sand and the sun, what are the three “elements” which helped the city to the importance of international tourism.

Today, Cancun is a city that has spread beyond the limited island out on the nearby mainland, where the bulk of the population now lives. The Nehrungsinsel encloses the north and east of the approximately 3000-acre lagoon Nichupté. On it is the tourist center of the city, the hotel zone. Most people are not born here in Cancun immigrants from nearly all parts of the country, attracted by the relatively good earning potential. A significant economic base other than the tourism and convention operations are not found in Cancun.

cancun beach Cancun   Mexico

cancun beach

cancun marine park mexico Cancun   Mexico

cancun marine park mexico

cancun resorts in mexico Cancun   Mexico

cancun resorts in mexico

cancun statue mexico Cancun   Mexico

cancun statue mexico

cancun beach and sea Cancun   Mexico

cancun beach and sea

Cancun is on the highway 180 Carretara with Merida , Valladolid and some 200 kilometers from UNESCO World Heritage Sites Chichén Itzá (all in the West) connected. Towards the south, is the main street Avenida Tulum, with 307 Carretara gone over the Playa del Carmen and Tulum on the capital Chetumal leads.

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