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Canberra, Australia

by WCC on May 14, 2012

in Australia

Canberra is the capital city and the eighth largest city in Australia . It is the largest inland city and is located in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), 286 km south-west of Sydney and 669 km north-east of Melbourne . Canberra is a planned city and was built in 1908 because of the rivalry between Melbourne and Sydney is determined as a compromise solution to the two largest cities. After an international urban design competition, the Australian government decided to design the American architect Walter Burley Griffin . Construction began in 1913, was awarded the status as the capital Canberra on 9 May 1927.

Canberra 550x412 Canberra, Australia


The urban structure is based on the principles of garden city , and includes extensive natural areas, in the Canberra Nature Park are closed together. This has earned it the nickname of Canberra “bush capital”. Was the development of the city by the First World War and the world economic crisis slowed down considerably, began after the Second World War, rapid population growth that continues today.

As the capital Canberra is the seat of the constitutional organs of the Australian political system along with their ministries, administrations and courts. These generate the bulk of the gross national product and are also the largest employer. Numerous social, scientific and cultural institutions of national importance have their headquarters here in Canberra is also a popular tourist destination.

canberra parliament house 550x423 Canberra, Australia

canberra parliament house

canberra beach 550x302 Canberra, Australia

canberra beach

Canberra at night 550x341 Canberra, Australia

Canberra at night

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