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in North America

California is a state on the West Coast of the United States of America . It is bordered on the north Oregon , east to Nevada and Arizona , south to Mexico (Baja California), west to the Pacific Ocean and has an area of 411.9 thousand km ² (third largest state in the U.S., after Alaska and Texas). The capital of California is already since 1854 in Sacramento .

california California


When the Spaniards called the current state of California Alta California (“Upper California”), in contrast to the peninsula of Baja California . The coast was in the course of the 16th Century. discovered, but until 1768 the Spaniards founded in what is now the first state office, by missionaries. The liberation of Mexico from Spanish rule exercised for the time being of no influence on the flourishing mission stations until 1833, the Republican government decreed the “secularization” and a civil administration for the same calling in life. From then on, their expiration dates. The missionaries refused to pay homage to a republican government, they left the country, and the Indians were gradually converted them back into their old ways.

The Mexican government did nothing for the land, anarchy prevailed, and the view that the welfare of the same separation from Mexico and the connection to another state required it, enjoyed general approval. In this sense, language is also a 1846 to Monterey from, the then capital, convened junta, only one was undecided as to whether the Connection Fees to the United States or a European country of preference. The decision was left, however, not established in California by the Spanish government of the United States. Almost appeared simultaneously in California in 1846 Fremont’s “research expedition” and a squadron of warships in the country already living Americans took up arms, overwhelmed was with the help of American troops, the resistance and the territory of Upper California, on through the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo second February 1848 transferred to an indemnity of 15 million U.S. dollars from Mexico to the United States, while California remained low in Mexico. The question of whether California a slave state or free state should be, was chosen by the people themselves in the latter sense. Without ever having had a territorial government, have joined California on 9 September 1850 as a state in the Union.

california san diego California

california san diego

You can fin some places there, Bakersfield, Fresno, Los Angeles, Monterey, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz, Santa Monica, and Palm Springs. Also California has interesting objects to visit; Bodie, Ghost Town, Yosemite National Park, Death Valley National Park. Redwood National Park , National Park of hundreds of years old redwoods, Lassen Volcanic National Park, and Lake Taho.

california mono lake California

california mono lake

In California, it is very hot and dry, subtropical climate. It is depending on local conditions, however, very different. North of the coastal landscapes of the storms often umtobten Cape Mendocino dense fog are common, and in late spring and summer is a lot of rain. In the middle region, to Point Concepcion to come before the May through September fog still frequent, snow and ice are rare, and the greatest amount of rain falls in winter and spring. The heat during the summer is often oppressive. Occur in southern California last neither fog nor strong winds before the rainy season falls in the autumn and winter but in summer the heat is equally large. The annual rainfall in San Diego is 500, in San Francisco 600, Sacramento 540, in Redding, 738 mm and varies greatly in different years, so that the country is suffering from drought often. In the Sierra , about 1,800 m altitude, falls almost entirely snow that melts in the summer, so it provides water for mining and irrigation. Glaciers, however, of little extent, occur in some places. The mean annual temperature is 16.7 ° C. in San Diego (January 12 °, July 22 °), 12.9 ° in San Francisco (January 9 °, July 14 °), 15.6 °, Sacramento (January 8 ° , July 23 degrees), Redding 16.7 ° C (January 7 °, July 28 °).

calofornia yosemite California

calofornia yosemite

First El Nino: Due to the warmer water increases the humidity in California, what one is feeling particularly in the southern part as humid and hot weather. This can lead to thunderstorms (even in the desert). There is a risk of tornadoes, hail, heavy rain and gale-force winds! This phenomenon occurs but only at intervals of several years.
Second Santa Ana winds: Here comes hot dry air from the deserts of California and draws (especially Southern California). Temperatures can rise, for example, in Los Angeles at about 40 degrees and the otherwise pleasant coasts are very hot with up to 35 degrees!

calofornia yosemite national park California

california yosemite national park

In California, as throughout the U.S., spoken American English. However, only 60.5% of the population speak English as their native language (1980, 76%). However, 29% are Spanish-speakers. Another 8% consisted of Asian languages. A third of California’s population is now Latino. In Los Angeles, as many people already speak Spanish as English. 2030 at the latest Spanish the most spoken language in California will come when the Spanish-speaking Latinos massive immigration is continuing.

northern california coastal redwoods California

northern california coastal redwoods

At all major road and airport entrances (including from other U.S. states) there are checkpoints that should prevent the importation of certain fruits and vegetables, since the biological contacts in local farms in the San Joaquin Valley is not desired. Travelers are often controlled asked (quite strict enforcement in the internal market) and whether they were on a farm or have appropriate food at all times. These measures are necessary to the spread of foreign plant (and animal) species (neozoa suppress).

California is based on the area’s third largest country in the U.S. and larger than many nation-states of the world. Because traveling can still be very simple. What the Interstate and U.S. highways concerns, California has the most expensive transport system in the United States. As in all other parts of the country and here is the trip by car is the best option to move forward and reach all the sights. Parcel number can take the trip from the far north to the extreme south more than 10 hours. A serious alternative would be the airplane . Many lines (such as American and United) and low cost (like jetBlue and Southwest) link cities within the state.

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